Best destinations for a farm stay in Victoria

  • Sale: Sale is a popular city in Victoria that draws in travellers of all kinds. If you're looking to appreciate the local culture, you'll find numerous festivals and events being held in town, and the Gippsland Art Gallery is open all year long. Parks are also prevalent, so outdoor adventurers can enjoy a satisfying experience too. There are several lakes around town in addition to places where you can book a farm stay in Victoria. The available rentals are considerably varied, so you can find luxury and affordable options alike, though the closer you get to the local lakes, the less affordable they tend to be.
  • Phillip Island: On Phillip Island, you'll find a wide variety of things to do. From the Grand Prix Circuit to the Phillip Island Nature Park where penguins can be seen, there's something in this area that the whole family can enjoy. Booking a farm stay in Victoria around Phillip Island will allow you to explore the best it has to offer while also providing satisfying entertainment at the rental. Local farm stays feature adorable animals in some cases and a comforting sense of separation from the populated areas, which is perfect for travellers looking to get away from major towns and cities.
  • Gippsland: Gippsland is one of the best destinations when looking to book a farm stay in Victoria. Farming is one of the top industries in the region, so the options for farmhouse rentals are vast covering both affordable and luxury options. There are plenty of local attractions to enjoy like the Gippsland Lakes and the Baw Baw Plateau with its stunning geological features. The old-growth forests in East Gippsland can be particularly breathtaking as massive trees dwarf any human standing next to them. Booking a farm stay in this region can provide a humbling and satisfying experience.

Find pet-friendly farm holidays in Victoria

Victoria is full of outdoor adventure. Along the Great Ocean Road, you'll find coastal walking paths and stunning geological formations like the Twelve Apostles, and having your dog along for the trip can make it absolutely unforgettable. You'll just need to find a place for pet-friendly farm holidays in Victoria, and many local farm stays welcome domestic pets. They usually have animals on the property, so having a family pet in the accommodation is generally allowed. Property owners just expect that your dog won't cause any problems with the other animals or destroy any aspects of the property. Some of the more luxurious farm stays enforce that expectation strictly by only allowing the dog to stay outside.

Explore cheap farm rentals in Victoria

Cheap farm rentals in Victoria are easy to find. These farm rentals may be on the more affordable side, but the expansive countryside and adorable animals can be found in just about all farm stays. It's important to remember that these farm stays are typically smaller, so they work best for small families or as a couple's retreat. Amenities are still included such as a full kitchen and comfortable bedding. Just keep in mind that the closer you get to popular attractions like beaches and cities, the less affordable these farm stays can become.

Discover luxury farms for rent in Victoria

Luxury farms for rent in Victoria offer a unique kind of holiday experience you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. In fact, these accommodation options combine all the outdoor adventure of a farm with the high-end amenities you'd expect from a house or resort. A full kitchen may feature modern appliances that allow you to cook just about anything you can imagine. Integrated WiFi is common depending on the location, and there's enough space to bring the whole family along. The outdoor features often include large parcels of land with animals such as horses being common residents. On some luxury farm stays in Victoria, you'll find horse tracks where you can ride on horseback provided you have the appropriate gear and supervision.