Journey to an unforgettable beachside excursion with a Crescent Head accommodation

Crescent head is a small community on the coast of New South Wales that serves as a quiet retreat for travellers seeking time away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Booking a Crescent Head accommodation can pave the way for fishing, swimming, surfing and golfing, so there's something suitable for the whole family to enjoy. There are even hiking trails and national parks in Crescent Head if you're looking to venture outdoors away from the beach. Considering the temperature and rainfall, the best time for a comfortable and dry visit would be fall or spring as the winters are relatively cold and the summers can be a bit rainy.

Where to book your Crescent Head holiday accommodation

There are quite a few options available when it comes to finding the ultimate Crescent Head holiday accommodation. If you're looking for a classic beachfront holiday experience, booking something closer to the Crescent Head lookout or Killick Beach will provide that for you. Alternatively, you can find accommodation closer to the west side of the area where you'll find Maria National Park and the Maria River. Both areas can offer unforgettable holiday experiences, but the details of the experience can vary quite a bit.

Finding a beachfront accommodation in Crescent Head

Crescent Head is home to several pristine beaches offering surfing and swimming opportunities. Killick Beach is one of the most popular, but Goolawah Beach by Goolawah National Park is also a favourite, especially considering its proximity to Goolawah Lagoon. Farther north, you can book a rental at Hat Head National Park which offers both beaches and hiking trails. Holiday accommodation in these areas generally offers convenient access to the beach and views that allow you to look out into the water no matter where you are. Large patios are also common. Lettings come in all sizes, so you'll find rentals suitable for couples and others fit for entire families.

Booking inland Crescent Head holiday rentals

If you head a bit further west from Crescent Head's coast, you'll find a whole new realm of adventure waiting for travellers interested in hiking, cycling and bushwalking. Maria National Park is full of those opportunities. You may even want to go as far as Kundabung which puts you in the middle of scenic trails while still being relatively close to the beach. Holiday homes in this area can be secluded and surrounded by the wilderness. You can think of them as high-end camping sites except you may find a cabin or cottage at the centre rather than an empty piece of land for a tent. Despite their immersion in nature, these rentals still offer quality amenities like full kitchens and internet access.

Top picks for your Crescent Head accommodation

With the sheer variety of properties available, there's a Crescent Head accommodation suitable for every kind of traveller. These popular destinations can give you an idea of what you might find in local properties, so take a look through the top picks for Crescent Head holiday rentals.

Private house Crescent Head holiday accommodation

This private house could be the ultimate Crescent Head holiday accommodation if you're travelling with a large group and really want to celebrate. It's located in the bush just southeast of Crescent Head Lookout, but reaching the beach is as easy as a short hike or drive. Not only can 10 people sleep comfortably here among its 4 bedrooms, but up to 15 adults can be inside at once as parties and events are allowed. You can even bring your pets along for the trip.

Beachfront couples retreat accommodation in Crescent Head

For travellers looking for a more romantic getaway, this 1-bedroom apartment is perfect for couples who want a beachfront accommodation in Crescent Head. There's 1 cosy bedroom with a queen-size bed, but the apartment itself is relatively spacious with an open living space and fully equipped kitchen. The beach itself is just a few steps away along with numerous shops and restaurants around town.