Journey through a mountainous wonderland with Thredbo accommodation

Thredbo is one of the most popular mountain destinations in all of Australia drawing in visitors from all over the world. Home to Australia's highest peak, snow sports are popular including skiing and snowboarding. By booking a quality Thredbo accommodation, you can enjoy everything the mountains have to offer with all the comforts of home readily available in between your excursions. While these sports may not be what you're looking for, rest assured that there are just as many kid-friendly and relaxation options.

When to book your Thredbo village accommodation

Being a mountainous region, Thredbo has some significant seasonal differences you should consider before booking a village accommodation. While the area has plenty to offer all year, the various experiences can be notably different. While skiing is the popular thing to do in the winter, the summer months present almost an entirely new landscape with extensive walking trails and an inviting village with quaint, chic shops and restaurants.

Booking a winter Thredbo ski accommodation

Winter is the most popular time to visit Thredbo as its slopes draw in travellers from all over to the Snowy Mountains, where you'll find numerous ski courses available offering a variety of difficulty levels. While there are some challenging courses, beginners can enjoy the permanent and reserved easy course perfect for those just starting out. You can also take some ski and snowboard lessons along with the kids. By booking a holiday rental during the winter, you can enjoy a classic cabin experience with all the conveniences of modern life. A rental may have rustic charm and an advanced heating system inside.

Finding Thredbo accommodation in summer

Travellers searching for summer fun shouldn't shy away from Thredbo. While much of the snow melts during the warm season, there's still an entire mountain to explore. In fact, the popular Thredbo Track reveals itself during the summer allowing you to travel its length to the mountain's summit. From there, you can gaze out and see the Kosciuszko National Park stretch for miles. When you're looking for accommodation in summer, keep an eye out for secluded properties with plenty of space. This will allow you to feel more intimately connected to the surrounding nature and adds an entirely different atmosphere to your stay further from the hustle and bustle of typical city life.

Top picks for a Thredbo luxury accommodation

Heading to the mountains can be an unforgettable holiday experience, and it's even better if you book the right kind of lodging. For luxury accommodation that fits your needs, you need to know what to expect from local rentals. Take a look at some of the top picks for the Thredbo area to learn what kind of features and amenities local accommodation typically offers.

Couple's retreat in the mountains

If you're looking to get away to the Snowy Mountains with that special someone, this luxury apartment is located at the heart of Thredbo village. Inside, you'll find just 1 bedroom with room enough for 2 on the king-size bed. It's recently refurbished, so you can enjoy high-quality modern amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen and a coffee machine. You'll also find a storage facility in the garage area where you can fit your boots, skis and snowboards.

Riverside cabin luxury accommodation

When it comes to versatile properties, this riverside cabin is one of the most popular. Suitable for couples and families alike, up to 4 people can sleep comfortably inside. Head to the private balcony, and you can enjoy scenic views of the mountain whether it's summer or winter. Despite its secluded feel, sweeping views and a large amount of land, the village shops and ski slopes are just a few steps away.