Whitsundays accommodation is perfect for exploring island wonders by the Great Barrier Reef

The Whitsundays are a collection of 74 islands just off the eastern coast of Queensland among the Great Barrier Reef. With sprawling natural features both above and below the water, there's never a shortage of nature's splendours to see. Of course, there are small, friendly towns among the islands as well, so you can still enjoy all the conveniences of modern life. By booking quality Whitsundays accommodation, you can enjoy all that these islands have to offer with the premier comforts of home. The most comfortable time of year tends to be around spring, but the winter months are still relatively warm.

Where to book Whitsundays accommodation

Among the 74 islands that make up the Whitsundays region, you can find virtually endless adventure. That's why it's important to make sure you find Whitsundays accommodation that suits the specific kind of adventure you're looking to experience. Do you want to stay on a bigger island or a smaller one? Are you looking for beaches or other natural features? Do you want to stay on a single island or find a place from which you can visit many? All of these questions are important to consider when it comes to facilitating your desired holiday experience.

Booking Whitsundays accommodation among the islands

Among the Whitsundays, you'll find a variety of different experiences on the islands. If you're looking for a deserted-island experience that lets you enjoy the natural environment, Molle Island may be your best bet. Just be prepared to get a boat to take you there. Hamilton Island, on the other hand, is more suited for travellers looking for luxury, but you'll still find a few bungalows around that combine modern amenities like kitchenettes and multiple bedrooms with the lush tropical flora. No matter which island you choose, you can find quality holiday rentals, and most are fairly isolated. Just book one by the shore if you plan to boat around to multiple islands during your stay.

Finding Whitsundays accommodation on the mainland

You can still enjoy the Whitsundays area without staying on the islands themselves. Accommodation on the mainland near Airlie Beach can be just as satisfying and easy to access as its more isolated counterparts on the islands. Holiday rentals here include a wider variety of properties like apartments, condos and houses. Just the same, however, it's easy enough to enjoy the beach and find a boat to travel out to the various islands around the reef.

Top picks for Whitsundays accommodation

With so much variety available among the islands, finding quality Whitsundays accommodation that uniquely suits your holiday desires will take some research. One of the best ways to begin is to search through the most popular properties. Remember that these will be the ones most commonly booked by the average traveller, so you can expect a fine balance of quality and accessibility. Take a look at the top picks for the area to discover some of the most common amenities on offer.

Hamilton Island villa Whitsundays accommodation

If you're looking for a luxurious holiday experience for the whole family, this Hamilton Island villa has it all. Inside, you'll find 5 bedrooms with enough room for 12 people to sleep comfortably, so you can bring extended family or friends on the trip as well. It's right on the waterfront and includes a full acre of property. You'll find a gourmet kitchen inside and a private pool outside. You'll even find a Japanese Zen stone bathhouse on the property to enjoy.

Airlie Beach apartment Whitsundays accommodation

For travellers looking to stay on the mainland, this beachfront apartment offers quite a few luxury amenities. The beach itself is just 50 metres away, while the market and restaurants are just 100 metres away. This property features 2 bedrooms inside that can comfortably sleep 4 people. The views from the windows and balcony are breathtaking, as they face the sparkling waters of Airlie Bay where you can look out at many of the islands of the Whitsundays.