Ramble through the countryside and expansive vineyards from Barossa Valley accommodation

If you're looking to enjoy a holiday in the South Australian countryside, Barossa Valley might be the perfect destination. The sprawling and vibrant landscapes of this valley are just about 60 kilometres northeast of Adelaide, so access is easy. Among the fields, you'll find quite a few vineyards producing world-famous wine in addition to quaint towns that offer a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the city. You just have to find Barossa Valley accommodation that can facilitate your desired holiday experience. Fortunately, you'll find numerous options suitable for all ages and group sizes. You can travel comfortably virtually all year long, but you might want to bring your umbrella if visiting during the winter.

Where to book Barossa Valley holiday accommodation

When it's time to book Barossa Valley accommodation, you have to consider where in the area you're looking to stay. You'll find different locations and accommodation styles that could influence the nature of your holiday experience, so you want to make sure you're getting exactly what you're looking for out of the excursion. Some travellers may prefer getting away from the big city by booking a rental in one of the area's small towns, while other travellers may seek more isolated accommodation in the countryside. Fortunately, there are numerous options available no matter which route you take.

Booking Barossa Valley vineyard cottages

One of the major draws of the Barossa Valley area is the vineyards. You'll find more than a fair share among the vast landscapes of Barossa, and they offer some extra benefits in their own right. While local vineyards offer tours and samplings, nearby rentals are frequently stocked with local wine samples you're free to enjoy as well. Barossa Valley vineyard cottages also tend to be more remotely isolated and situated on larger pieces of land. That can give you an opportunity to get more in touch with the natural world, with the city far over the horizon.

Finding Barossa Valley luxury accommodation in town

While Barossa Valley is mostly wine country, there are several towns in the area to explore as well. Given that the area was originally settled by Germans, you'll see a distinctive German influence among the towns. Tanunda is likely the most German, in terms of both culture and architecture. Angaston, on the other hand, has a distinctly English vibe, while Nuriootpa is a nice mixture of both. When you book Barossa Valley luxury accommodation in one of these towns, you can expect lots of space and modern amenities like full kitchens and convenient access to local shops and festivals.

Top picks for accommodation in Barossa Valley, SA

Before you start searching for accommodation in Barossa Valley for your next holiday adventure, you need to consider which amenities are available in the region. One of the best ways to discover what's offered in the region is to take a look at some of the top properties in the area. Here are a few of the most popular properties that show off the best of what local rentals can offer.

Barossa Valley accommodation in Tanunda

If you're travelling with a large group and are looking for some small-town adventure, this spacious house in Tanunda may be just what you need. This holiday rental features 4 bedrooms with room enough for 11 people to sleep comfortably. It's also conveniently located next to a local winery, and it features a fully stocked, open-plan kitchen. You can even enjoy a private pool on the property, and you'll have the entire house reserved for only your group.

Barossa Valley isolated cottage accommodation

For those looking to be particularly isolated while visiting Barossa Valley, this countryside cottage could be perfect. With just a single bedroom, this cottage is a mix of rustic and contemporary design that could make for a satisfying couple's retreat. In the surrounding landscape, you'll find a private gazebo situated on the top of a hill offering scenic views of the rolling valley surrounding the cottage. Despite this cottage being hidden away, you can still make it to the nearby town of Tanunda in just a few minutes by car.