View the Limestone Coast by Guichen Bay from a quality Robe accommodation

Robe is a small fishing port in Southern Australia that serves as a satisfying destination for travellers looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. With its friendly residents, neon blue shores, and relaxing atmosphere, booking a Robe accommodation can be the first step toward an unforgettable holiday experience. The relatively calm waters make the shore as fun for kids as it is for adults, and that's only the beginning of everything Robe can offer. You can even enjoy comfortable temperatures all year long. Just bring your umbrella if you travel in the winter.

Where to book Robe holiday rentals

When you're looking for Robe holiday rentals, one of the most important factors is location. Where in Robe do you want to stay? For some travellers, the beach may be the most obvious answer. Not only is it suitable for swimming and surfing, but the fishing spots are particularly appealing. You'll also find plenty to do further inland which provides shops, parks and even a massive lake perfect for visitors searching for calm and relaxing waters.

Finding a Robe holiday house by the beach

Booking a Robe holiday house by the beach can offer a satisfying holiday for many travellers. This is especially true if you book lodging near Robe's famous Long Beach, which features 17 kilometres of sandy shores to enjoy. While much of the shoreline in Robe is rocky, there are additional secluded sandy beaches available. Booking a holiday house by the beach can put you just steps away from the water, and you can enjoy the sounds of ocean waves lulling you to sleep every night. Given the universal appeal of beaches, you'll find rentals available for couples and larger families alike.

Finding a Robe luxury accommodation by the city centre

Booking luxury accommodation by the city centre will provide a notably different experience compared to letting a beachfront property. While the beach is still relatively accessible from the city centre, you'll be much closer to local shops, restaurants and even a brewery. There's also a golf club in town. Holiday rentals in this area tend to offer more convenient access to all parts of Robe, but it may take some more work to find family-oriented rentals as apartments are more common throughout the city centre. Regardless of the size, they generally have luxury amenities like a full kitchen and even a washer and dryer for longer stays.

Top picks for a Robe accommodation

Robe accommodation isn't in short supply, so you'll have plenty of options to sort through when looking for the ideal rental suitable for your desired holiday experience. Before you start your search in earnest, it's important to get an idea of what kind of amenities are typically offered and sought after in the Robe area. Take a look at the top picks for Robe, and discover which amenities and properties visitors are most satisfied with.

Beachfront Robe holiday house

If you're looking to enjoy some fun in the sun, this high-end Robe holiday house is just 50 metres away from Long Beach. With its 3 bedrooms, up to 8 people can sleep comfortably inside, so you can bring the whole family along. The house sports a modern design with an open floor plan and large windows that let in extensive natural light. There's a full kitchen along with a gated yard, so you can bring your furry friend along for the trip.

Old Town cottage Robe accommodation

Nearby the city centre in the heart of Old Town, you'll find this rustic historical cottage perfect for a couples retreat. It's a short 100 metres away from the main street, so you can walk to see Robe's famous cafes, restaurants and galleries. Trek 100 metres in the other direction, and you'll find yourself at Town Beach, so you'll have equal access to the city centre and the coast. There's even a hayloft mezzanine inside along with a well-appointed kitchen that includes a dishwasher.