Anglesea accommodation affords a first-rate coastal getaway

Anglesea is a coastal town located on the Great Ocean Road that's become a popular destination for travellers looking to enjoy all sorts of fun at the beach. Whether you're interested in surfing, whale watching or just walking the coast, Anglesea offers virtually endless opportunities. Fortunately, there is enough diversity in its holiday rental options for the whole family to enjoy its wonders. While Anglesea sees more visitors in the summer, it's typically not enough to significantly impact your adventure, and the weather itself is fair enough to be comfortable all year long.

Where to book accommodation in Anglesea, Victoria

When it comes to booking your accommodation in Anglesea, Victoria, you have to consider where exactly you want to find your rental. You'll find options all over town, but many travellers may prefer something a bit closer to the beach, and there are also quite a few pristine rentals available near the local golf course. Wherever you choose to book your stay, you can take comfort in the fact that there's a diverse selection of options available to suit your desired holiday experience.

Booking Anglesea accommodation by the beach

Anglesea Surf Beach is one of the most popular locations in town. The beach can be used for surfing, but the waves aren't typically all that intense. Swimming is largely safe in the area as well, so everyone will have something to do at the beach. Boating is also popular, and there's even a yacht club in Anglesea if you're looking for a more luxurious experience on the water. Holiday homes by the beach are popular with families, as there are several spacious options available. Typical Anglesea accommodation by the beach has 2- or 3-bedroom layouts with scenic views of the water from a balcony or patio. Some even have private paths that will take you directly to the beach from the rental.

Finding Anglesea accommodation by the river

Cutting through the centre of town is the Anglesea River. While fishing and boating are popular along the river, Anglesea is also widely known for its regular riverbank markets. These markets are located right along the river off the Great Ocean Road, and you can find a wide variety of crafts and other goods. You'll also find numerous reserves and parks along the banks of the river including a skate park and multiple playground areas. Local holiday homes tend to offer a more residential experience, with many houses and cottages available. Similar to their beachfront counterparts, the best rentals here tend to offer scenic views overlooking the river across the preserved nature areas. Additionally, you'll find convenient amenities like a full kitchen and central heating and cooling.

Top picks for quality Anglesea accommodation

When you're looking for quality Anglesea accommodation, there are factors other than location you must consider. For example, you have to make sure whichever rental you opt for can offer all the amenities you need. Before you can decide what's a necessity, though, it's helpful to learn what features local rentals typically offer. By looking through the top picks for the area, you can discover which amenities are typically standard, and you may even find the perfect property for your desired holiday experience.

Riverside accommodation in Anglesea, Victoria

Whether it's along the river or the ocean, the heart of Anglesea is by the water. With this riverside house, you'll find yourself just steps away from the river and well within walking distance of the beach as well. You'll even find a nearby park and playground along with a jetty from which you can fish just across the road. The house itself has 3 bedrooms with room enough for 7 people to sleep comfortably within. You'll find free WiFi included along with a full kitchen. Pets are allowed inside, and there's also a fenced backyard.

Treetop escape Anglesea accommodation

On the western side of town, you'll notice the land start to get a bit hilly. On one of the higher positions lies this modern luxurious house that offers a stunning overlook of the entire Anglesea area. With its 4 bedrooms, up to 10 people can comfortably sleep here, and there's a fully stocked kitchen with modern appliances and pantry items like salt, sugar and tea. It's located right by the golf course, so you can enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean and the valley.