Lounge on sandy beaches and explore this coastal village with Apollo Bay accommodation

Apollo Bay is a popular destination for travellers in Victoria along the Great Ocean Road. While it may not be as popular as nearby Lorne, it still offers pristine beaches, delicious food and a thrilling town centre that has something special for all kinds of travellers. Numerous festivals are held here throughout the year, but you can find unforgettable adventure no matter when you visit. The climate certainly won't get in the way, as this town is comfortable all year long. Summer visitors may boost the population for a bit, but even in the peak season, you won't find crowded beaches like you would in other more well-known Victorian coastal towns.

Where to book your Apollo Bay, Victoria, accommodation

With so much to see and do across Apollo Bay, it's important to consider where you're going to book your rental. Many travellers would prefer to stay by the beach, and this town certainly has plenty of options for doing so. Others may be more interested in the town centre, as it puts visitors closer to restaurants, shops and the surrounding natural landscapes farther inland. Whichever path you choose, you can count on plenty of Apollo Bay accommodation options to be available.

Finding Apollo Bay holiday rentals by the beach

The most popular location in Apollo Bay is its expansive coastline along Apollo Bay Harbour. Located right off the Great Ocean Road, the bay's coast features numerous beaches suitable for all sorts of activities. You can take a kayak out into the waters or tackle the waves on a surfboard. Fishing is also popular on this sandy beach in the more rocky areas where beachgoers don't scare off the fish with their more rambunctious activities. You may even spot some seals and whales in the water. Apollo Bay holiday rentals in this area tend to take full advantage of the stunning views and offer large windows and balconies facing the water. Some are even close enough to offer a private path straight to the beach. Considering the beach's popularity, you'll find accommodation options of all sizes from couple's retreats to large family houses.

Booking town centre accommodation in Apollo Bay

When you book accommodation in Apollo Bay closer to the town centre, you'll have easier access to outdoor opportunities away from the coast. The land around town is generally flat, so you'll find numerous easy walking and cycling trails all around. The Marengo Nature Conservation Reserve is a particularly popular area to explore on foot, but you can also take to the skies in a scenic helicopter tour of the area. Holiday homes by the town's centre will also put you near local shops and restaurants, the latter of which offer fresh-caught seafood that's unforgettable. Various rentals are available here, from small apartments to massive villas, so you and the whole family can easily find something centrally located and spacious.

Top picks for luxury accommodation in Apollo Bay

Finding the right luxury accommodation in Apollo Bay will require a bit of research, as there are quite a few rentals available to choose from. Fortunately, you can see a handful of the best right here. These properties are among the most popular for the region, as they include the best features to make your holiday experience as easy as possible. Even if they don't quite fit your needs, they still can offer a general idea of what local rentals are typically like and what amenities they offer.

Apollo Bay beach house accommodation

If you're planning on bringing the whole family to the beach, this Apollo Bay beach house can more than provide. Its 4 bedrooms have room enough for 8 people, and 3 of those bedrooms are equipped with massive king-size beds, with the 4th bedroom featuring 2 singles. Linen and towels are provided for you, and you'll find free WiFi and a full kitchen. The house itself is just a short 15 metres from the beach, so the water is well within walking distance. In fact, the shore is so close that the ocean waves can lull you to sleep at night.

Countryside Apollo Bay holiday house

For travellers more interested in inland activities, this holiday house is conveniently located on the west side of town by the countryside. It's located within walking distance of numerous trails among the Otway Hills, so it's easy to explore. The house itself features 3 bedrooms with room enough for 6 people, so you can bring the family along as well. You'll even find a full kitchen equipped with modern appliances and a deck off the living area with enough outdoor furniture for everyone to relax in. The views of the rural rolling hills are always nice as well.