Discover history and legacy from Beechworth accommodation

The town of Beechworth, in northeastern Victoria, is a historic area known for its rapid growth during the gold rush in the 1850s. Though a quiet, small town, it's full of well-preserved heritage buildings, and many people visit to experience the wine vintages produced here. It's been the home of famed historic figures like Sir Isaac Isaacs and the outlaw Ned Kelly. When you book Beechworth accommodation for your holiday travel, you'll enjoy local museums, outdoor relaxation, stunning views and quiet family-friendly entertainment. Whatever your travel reasons might be, Beechworth makes for a fantastic weekend or extended getaway.

Beechworth museums offer a window to the past

Many who book Beechworth accommodation for their holiday travel come for the historic experience they get in the region. This can best be found both by touring the many heritage buildings, as well as visiting local museums as they offer a direct look into the history of the town, from its original days as a gold rush settlement to today. To get into the spirit, you might stay in an 1860s heritage-listed cottage that sleeps 4. Here you can relax in historic surroundings while still being just a few minutes away from local attractions.

The Burke Museum offers local history by Beechworth rentals

The Burke Museum is among the larger museums in Beechworth. The museum holds a collection of exhibits and artefacts that are dedicated to both local and natural history. The collection is housed in a building that was first constructed in 1857, not long after the town itself was founded. Events and special exhibits also take place throughout the year. A 2-bedroom cottage just 0.4 kilometres from the museum allows you to enjoy a centrally located historic building that's older than the museum but is fully updated inside, with a new kitchen, internet and all the modern amenities.

Enjoy outdoor relaxation near Beechworth accommodation

Beechworth and the surrounding areas offer much more than museums and historic buildings. When you book Beechworth accommodation, you can also enjoy a range of outdoor adventures and scenery. Within the town itself, there are spots like Queen Victoria Park where you and your family can relax. Just outside of town you can find panoramic natural cliffside views from places like Murmungee Lookout and see Woolshed Falls where water cascades down natural rock formations after a rainfall. If you're looking for a hiking, cycling or other outdoor experience, you'll find what you need in and around Beechworth.

Have a picnic at Woolshed Falls

Easily located by a short drive or hike up Woolshed Road, you will find Woolshed Falls. This cascading waterfall is most popular after rainfall when the water flow reaches its peak, but you can find beautiful greenery and scenic woodland views any time you come. A viewing deck makes for a great photo opportunity, while a picnic area is perfect for the couple on a romantic weekend getaway to enjoy some local wine and have an intimate few moments together away from the rest of the world.

Visit Queen Victoria Park for history and family fun

If you want a place to keep the kids entertained while having an opportunity for the adults to relax after a day of sightseeing, Queen Victoria Park is an ideal option. This town park features a playground for the kids, barbie facilities with picnic tables and a shelter for a cookout. It also offers historic attractions of its own in the form of 2 antique cannons situated on a large rock which make for a great photo for the family. A luxury cottage just 0.7 kilometres from the park offers antique decor combined with modern romance, like a spa bath.

Catch a panoramic nature view from Murmungee Lookout

Some of the best scenic views in the area can be found from Murmungee Lookout. The drive to reach the point is challenging, but once you get there, you'll find breathtaking cliffside views of the entire region, including distant mountains and waterways. The lookout includes a campfire setup, and many hang-gliders use the lookout as a launching point, so you can catch the majestic sight of these gliders taking flight. If you bring a lunch, you can take advantage of the picnic area to enjoy a sandwich in the unspoiled green space of Victoria's forests.