A comfortable Port Phillip Bay accommodation for the best holiday

For a lovely coastal town and idyllic holiday getaway, many from Melbourne and the Victoria region choose to make their way to Geelong. At the southwestern-most edge of Port Phillip Bay, Geelong feels like it sits on a private cove with its own beaches and wildlife sanctuaries. This southern Melbourne suburb has everything holiday travellers desire for a rejuvenating and energizing getaway from everyday busy life. The famous Cunningham Pier is a great spot for nightlife and grabbing a bite to eat. Nature enthusiasts and animal lovers like to visit Serendip Sanctuary to see birds and wildlife flourishing amid preserved wetlands, as well as Steampacket Gardens for the chance to enjoy the unique garden views and monthly art shows. As you look for accommodation in Geelong, you can rest assured that whether a house, apartment, cottage, villa or townhouse would best fit your needs, you can find what’s right for your holiday and in the best location in Geelong.

The best Geelong accommodation

A holiday in Geelong has something for every type of traveller, from the beautiful beaches and nature reserves to the nightlife and artistic and cultural experiences. You only have to go a short way south of Melbourne to experience a fun and relaxing holiday in Geelong. While you're planning the perfect activities to see and do, you can also pick the right kind of accommodation that will complement your retreat. That might mean a beach bungalow, or it could mean an apartment near the city centre. You might want a country house close to a nature reserve, or you may prefer a luxe villa with the perfect view. Whatever 5-star accommodation you choose, holiday fun awaits you in Geelong.

Rejuvenating Geelong waterfront accommodation

No trip to Geelong would be complete without spending time on the gorgeous beach and waterfront on your holiday. For that reason, many choose waterfront accommodation to enjoy the picturesque sights and soothing sounds of the bay all throughout the day. An apartment is a good choice to get up close to the waterfront, with many sitting along the beach, and some visitors opt for a high-rise letting for the elevated scenic views of the bay. If you would like to be on the waterfront and close to the nightlife, you could rent a lovely brick villa that gives you the best of both worlds.

Quality and personal Geelong accommodation cabin

A Geelong accommodation cabin is a popular letting because it can provide you with a quaint atmosphere and still afford you the many amenities that make your holiday relaxing. With wood accents throughout the cosy interior, it can be just as nice to snuggle up with a good book than spend all day walking around town. Although typically thought of as relatively small, you can find a cottage in Geelong that easily fits you and 5 friends or family members. You can enjoy the rustic feel of the countryside while staying within walking distance of Geelong’s city centre.

Finding the right Geelong luxury accommodation

As the details of your holiday retreat in Geelong come together, perhaps including the culturally rewarding experience of visiting the Geelong Performing Arts Center, you can also choose the right luxury accommodation to truly make your trip perfect. Luxurious accommodation typically includes fully modernized amenities and a spacious layout, and in Geelong, you could choose one that’s complete with waterfront views or one that’s near your favourite restaurant towards the city centre. A private backyard is nice as well, to spend the evening alone with your significant other sipping a glass of wine.

Family-friendly Geelong accommodation

Sometimes a little bit of extra space is needed, not just to stretch out and relax, but to fit your whole family. Geelong has the right family-friendly accommodation for you to to choose, including houses that can sleep 10 or more relatives. A spacious kitchen and dining area is preferred by many families, as a family holiday is an ideal time for a peaceful meal together. You might also want to choose a home with a back deck and barbie area, which lets you go through the evening at your own pace, especially if that means enjoying grilled prawns.