Dip into the famous mineral springs with quality Hepburn Springs accommodation

The small town of Hepburn Springs in central Victoria is primarily known for its large collection of mineral springs. In fact, it's home to the largest concentration of mineral springs in all of Australia. Because of these relaxing waters, Hepburn Springs has developed as a spa town where visitors can relax with massages and delicious food from the high-end restaurants around town. While mainly adults enjoy the attractions of Hepburn Springs, there are a few playgrounds around town that children can enjoy. The natural features around the edges of town can be fun for the whole family as well, and the climate is welcoming all year long.

Where to book Hepburn Springs accommodation

Before you book your Hepburn Springs accommodation, you have to consider what you plan to do on your trip. If you're mainly looking to take advantage of the mineral springs and spas, booking a rental near the city centre may be your best bet. Some travellers, however, may prefer the outskirts of town, as the natural features of the area can also be appealing. Wherever your path takes you, you can be sure there's a wide variety of quality holiday rentals available.

Booking Hepburn Springs accommodation by the spa

If relaxation is the primary goal of your holiday excursion in Hepburn Springs, booking a rental by the Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa may be your best bet. The spa is an iconic destination where you'll find virtually endless relaxation with pools, massages and saunas. It's historical as well, as the spa dates to the late 19th century. Just about any given Hepburn Springs holiday rental in the area strives to be relaxing as well, with plenty of space and open floor plans. While the spa is frequented mostly by adults, you can easily find 2- and 3-bedroom floor plans in local rentals suitable for larger parties of travellers.

Hepburn Springs accommodation near the Mineral Springs Reserve

While the famous spa is just steps away from the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve, the reserve as a whole has so much more to offer. In addition to the many types of waters you can relax in, the park also features walking trails through the 30 hectares of land that comprise the reserve in addition to picnic areas and a cafe. Hepburn Springs accommodation in this area tends to put you close to the surrounding nature. Big windows and balconies are common, and you'll also find that local rentals tend to feature quite a bit of land as well. It's not uncommon to see some of the local wildlife just a few steps away from your accommodation.

Top picks for Hepburn Springs accommodation

Finding the best Hepburn Springs accommodation suitable for your desired holiday experience will take a bit of searching, as there are quite a few rentals available. A good place to start is with the most popular picks in the area. Usually composed of a fair mixture of luxury and accessibility, there's a reason why the top picks are so popular. Take a look at the most popular rentals to get an idea of the kind of amenities local rentals typically offer.

Elevated retreat Hepburn Springs accommodation

If you're looking for a romantic couple's retreat, this elevated villa may be perfect. It's secluded on the north side of town and is situated at the top of a tall hill. From this 1-bedroom villa, you can gaze out into the surrounding reserve area for truly breathtaking views. As if that weren't enough, you can also enjoy the oval spa on the mezzanine floor of the villa along with a cosy fire in the fireplace. Additionally, you'll find a full stainless-steel kitchen inside along with a widescreen television with surround sound.

Hepburn Springs spa villa accommodation

This high-end villa is located deep within the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve. This puts you right on top of the springs, which is particularly noticeable when you use the built-in spa. The villa itself features 2 bedrooms with room for 4, so there's space for a small family. You'll also find a fully equipped marble kitchen and a treetop balcony perfect for outdoor grilling. Free WiFi is available as well.