Vibrant and artistic culture is all around when you choose Shepparton accommodation

Shepparton may have started as a sheep station, but it has since grown to be one of the most important artistic centres in all of Victoria. Art lovers from all over the country come to see the numerous displays and galleries here, and even kids can find artistic attractions just for them. If you're looking for quality Shepparton accommodation, you won't have to look far. Whether you want a small couple's retreat or a large family house, there are plenty of options available. As long as you can stand the summer heat, the area is comfortable to visit all year long as well.

Where to book your Shepparton accommodation

While just about every part of Shepparton is worth a visit, you can't make the most of your holiday experience unless you book your Shepparton accommodation near your most favoured attractions. Whether that be the pristine park area on the west side of town or the city centre, you can always count on a wide variety of accommodation options being available. Just keep in mind that spacious options, while available everywhere, become less frequent the closer you get to the city centre.

Booking Shepparton accommodation cabins by the park

Shepparton is known for its artistic accomplishments, and the well-maintained park area on the west side of town is a work of art in itself. You'll find places like Walters Park, Stuart Reserve, Princess Park and Victoria Park all connected to create a massive, pristine green space. You'll also find a pair of lakes in the area surrounded by scenic walking paths, and the Goulburn River flows through it where you can fish. Holiday homes in this area tend to be catered more toward outdoorsy types, hence the abundance of Shepparton accommodation cabins. These cabins tend to feature large patios and balconies, along with a bit of land of their own. Trees are common as well, so you'll find yourself relatively isolated compared with more centrally located rentals.

Finding Shepparton accommodation in the city centre

If you came to Shepparton for the art, there's no better place to book your stay than the city centre. Not only can you visit traditional destinations like the Shepparton Art Museum and the Shepparton Theatre Arts Group, but this city is also home to the Moooving Art Project. For this project, local artists paint intricate and vibrant designs on fibreglass cows, showing off the city's artistic abilities and bustling dairy industry. You'll find various Shepparton accommodation options available by the city centre, so you should have no problem finding something that fits your group. Just be aware that larger rentals will be harder to find in the city centre, though there are still several options available. What you will find is a collection of rentals with luxury amenities like a full kitchen and central heating and cooling.

Top picks for Shepparton accommodation in Victoria

To find the ultimate Shepparton accommodation in Victoria, you'll have to get an idea of what the typical rental in town is like. The best way to do that is to look at the most popular properties in the area. They tend to be a middle ground between the most luxurious and the most accessible properties, so they grant insight into amenities that are common and sought after. Take a look at some of the top picks for the Shepparton area below.

Centrally located Shepparton accommodation

For travellers looking for a modest rental in a convenient location, this centrally located apartment may be just what you need. This property features 2 bedrooms with room enough for 4 people to sleep comfortably, so 2 couples or a small family can find plenty of room within. You'll find a self-contained kitchen along with a washing machine and dryer. Outside, there's a garden and a bit of land, but one of the best amenities is the spa bath that makes relaxing after a day of adventuring easier than ever.

Lakeside mansion Shepparton accommodation

If you want your Shepparton accommodation to be a bit closer to local natural features, this lakeside mansion should qualify. This massive property is big enough to fit your whole family, as its 4 bedrooms can fit up to 8 people, and it's situated on a lake with access to the water. You'll also find an extra-large kitchen and a family room with enough space for everyone to spend time together, as well as an on-site hot tub and spa whirlpool to enjoy.