Savor seaside relaxation at a pristine resort town with Torquay accommodation

Along the coast of the Bass Strait separating Victoria from Tasmania, you'll find the seaside resort town of Torquay. Known for its pristine beaches and shopping centres, Torquay is one of the most popular holiday destinations in all of Victoria. In fact, its population can effectively triple during the summer months. With its proximity to the sea, the summer heat is well within tolerable levels for most visitors, so you can enjoy area attractions all year long as winters are never too cold. Thanks to its popularity, holiday homes are plentiful, so you'll have no problem finding accommodation whether you're travelling alone or with the whole family.

Where to book your Torquay accommodation

If you want to make your holiday exceptionally memorable, consider where you want to book your Torquay accommodation. There are several distinct areas of Torquay, and they each have their own unique features to offer. For example, would you rather book your stay by the beach or hang further back where the city is a bit quieter? No matter what your preferences are, you can always count on multiple properties to choose from in any given area.

Booking beach accommodation

The most popular area of Torquay is the beach, but when it comes to finding accommodation that works for your desired holiday experience, you'll need to learn some details. Bells Beach is the most well-known shoreline in the area with pristine surf waves, but Southside can also provide surfing opportunities with fewer people. Head to Point Danger, and you can go snorkelling in a safe environment despite the name. Holiday homes by the beach tend to take full advantage of the shore's popularity in this town. In addition to being just a few steps from the beach, you'll also frequently find large balconies and windows facing the water. Some even feature private paths to take you directly to the shore. Since the shore is so popular, beachfront rentals are also usually close to shopping centres and restaurants.

Booking accommodation by the city centre

The beach may be the primary attraction in Torquay, but sometimes it's better to book your stay a bit further away from the shore. Given the size of the town, you'll still be relatively close to the water, but you'll also find yourself close to local shops and restaurants. Additionally, you can find the Surf World Museum near the city centre where you can learn all about the history of Australia's favourite pastime. Finding accommodation by the city centre typically means looking through apartments and cottages, though there are some houses available. Depending on the location, you may still get a view of the ocean, but just about all of them feature amenities like central heating and cooling as well as a full kitchen.

Top picks for Torquay accommodation

To find the best Torquay accommodation, you're going to have to sort through several different options. Location plays a major role, but available amenities are just as important when it comes to securing your desired holiday experience. That's why it's essential you take a look at some of the top picks for the area, as they can provide valuable insight into what rentals in the area are typically like.

Beachfront townhouse accommodation

For luxury and access to the beach in a single package, this townhouse may be the ultimate destination. This accommodation includes 4 bedrooms with room enough for 12 people to sleep comfortably. It's located in the Old Torquay region and is just a short 50 metres from Fishermans Beach. Inside, you'll find numerous luxury features like a full kitchen, a fireplace and a hot tub. The hot tub is particularly impressive as it's located outdoors in the private backyard, and it's big enough for 8 people.

Quaint cottage accommodation

If you're looking for a more modest place to stay, this quaint cottage near the centre of Torquay may be just what you need. It features 2 bedrooms with room enough for 4, so small families will have room to sleep comfortably. There's also a wooden fireplace along with an LCD television in the living room, and you'll find a full kitchen and modern appliances. There are even electric blankets and fans in each bedroom.