From small-town to big-city rentals, Victoria holiday accommodation options abound

Victoria is also known as the Garden State, and it's one of the most popular states in the country for travellers. With a wide variety of things to do from sprawling metropolises to vibrant natural landscapes, the whole family will find no shortage of fun things to do. Given the sheer diversity of this southern state, you'll find holiday homes that are equally as varied. Walhalla accommodation will offer a strikingly different experience compared to Melbourne accommodation, but both can make for an unforgettable holiday. Given the comfortable climate, you can enjoy everything Victoria has to offer no matter what time of year you travel.

Where to book your Victoria accommodation

There's much to explore in the state of Victoria, and you need to make sure your accommodation is in the best location to reach your favoured attractions. You'll find no shortage of places to stay, but you should consider what kind of experience you're looking for. Booking a rental in Melbourne is going to be much different than something by Wilsons Promontory. No matter where you book, you can be sure that there are plenty of quality rentals in the area.

Booking a city accommodation

One of the most popular destinations in Victoria is Melbourne. It's the capital city of the state and the most populous community in the area. With its numerous museums and shopping centres, it's easy to see why travellers from all over the world flock to Melbourne. If you're looking for a calmer coastal experience, the city of Geelong can be just as exciting. With its waterfront and pristine beach, its metropolitan attractions have an aquatic twist and a notable affinity for the arts with music and theatre performances being held frequently by the shore. City accommodation may be packed with luxurious amenities like full kitchens, flat-screen televisions, and access to public transportation routes. Rentals come in various sizes, so you can find lettings suitable for a couple's retreat or a family holiday.

Finding a country accommodation

In between the cities of Victoria, you'll find an expansive countryside comprised of a surprisingly varied amount of natural features. You'll find mountains, valleys, beaches and forests throughout the state, and among the most popular areas are the wine regions. Victoria is one of the largest wine providers in the country and the world, and its wine regions are as picturesque as you would think. When you book a country accommodation, you can expect a calmer holiday experience as they tend to be more secluded with a bit of land around them, so you may have a few acres to yourself. You may also see large balconies and patios that let you take in the surrounding nature. This is especially appealing near the beach where you can gaze out into the sparkling blue waters.

Top picks for the best accommodation in Victoria

When you're looking for the best accommodation for your holiday, location is just one of several factors to consider. You also need to think about how each rental can properly facilitate the desired holiday experience you're looking for through its available amenities. Space is also a key factor if you plan on bringing the whole family along for the trip. You can learn all about what typical rentals in the area are like by taking a look at some of the top picks for the area.

Coach house in Walhalla, Victoria

If you're craving outdoor adventure, this coach house Walhalla accommodation may be perfect. It's located just minutes away from a wide variety of outdoor adventures such as bushwalking, cycling and skiing in the winter. Inside, you'll find 3 bedrooms with enough bedding for 8 people to sleep comfortably. Finding space for everyone is easy considering that there are lounges in the upstairs area along with 2 separate dining areas. The kitchen is fully stocked and equipped with modern appliances, and you'll find a piano and pool table in the second lounge room.

Luxury couples accommodation

For travellers visiting as a couple, this luxury townhouse can certainly make for an unforgettable holiday experience. There's just 1 bedroom, but you'll find plenty of space inside including a full kitchen with modern appliances. You'll also find the sandy McCrae Beach just a few steps away along with many local shops and restaurants. As if that wasn't enough, you can even bring your furry friend along as this townhouse is pet-friendly.