Learn about and explore a rural cathedral city with a quality Wangaratta accommodation

In northern Victoria, you'll find the rural city of Wangaratta, known as a cathedral city thanks to its numerous architecturally impressive churches. Wangaratta has more to offer than the landmarks, however, as you'll find enough attractions here to keep the whole family happy whether you're into centre-city fun or adventures through more natural landscapes. The holiday homes in the area are diverse as well, featuring small couples' apartments and full-size family houses in equal measure. Thanks to its climate, Wangaratta is comfortable to visit all year long. While it may be close to the Snowy Mountains, it's actually not all that cold during the winter, but any quality Wangaratta accommodation will still feature heat.

Where to book your Wangaratta accommodation

If you want to get the most out of your Wangaratta accommodation, you have to consider where you book it. You could book something closer to the city centre that makes it easy to explore the numerous cathedrals in town, or you may be more interested in the various outdoor activities available throughout the city. Whether you want parks or landmarks, local holiday rentals offer various options in whichever direction you lean.

Booking Wangaratta accommodation by the city centre

As a cathedral city, Wangaratta is home to several visually striking churches that stand tall over the surrounding structures. The Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral and Wangaratta Roman Catholic Church embody centuries-old architectural styles, but that's just the beginning. From the city centre, you can also explore the Wangaratta Library and Wangaratta Old Post Office, both of which were constructed with classic architectural styles you won't find in more modern cities. Booking Wangaratta accommodation near the city centre typically means booking an apartment, but there are a few cottages available as well. Fortunately, larger 2- and 3-bedroom layouts are available for either, so you can bring the whole family along for the trip.

Finding Wangaratta accommodation by the parks

If you're looking for a more outdoor-oriented adventure, Wangaratta certainly doesn't disappoint. On the eastern side of town, you'll find the King River and Frank Garth Park. The river itself is suitable for fishing and boating, while the park features numerous walking trails and picnic areas. Any given Wangaratta accommodation in the area will work to show off the surrounding natural beauty with large windows and balconies. You may even find some local holiday rentals that have a bit of land of their own, so you can enjoy vibrant greenery without even leaving the property. While they can connect you more intimately with the surrounding nature, they still tend to feature modern amenities like a full kitchen and washer and dryer.

Top picks for a quality Wangaratta accommodation

One of the best aspects of looking for Wangaratta accommodation is the sheer variety available. This can extend the length of your search, however, so it's best to gather more information before beginning in earnest. To learn more, take a look at some of the top picks for the area. These popular properties not only show off the typical amenities you can expect from local holiday rentals, but they may just be exactly what you're looking for when it comes to your desired holiday experience.

Parkside apartment Wangaratta accommodation

For outdoor adventure, this parkside apartment can certainly provide. Inside this Wangaratta accommodation, you'll find 2 bedrooms with enough room for 6 people to sleep comfortably and a location that puts you just steps away from Apex Park. The city-centre restaurants and shops are close by as well, requiring just a 3-minute stroll to access. Within this apartment, you can enjoy a kitchen-laundry combo setup, fans in each bedroom and private balconies that let you enjoy the surrounding areas.

Family house Wangaratta accommodation

If you're planning on bringing the whole family along, this spacious Wangaratta accommodation home has all the room you need. It has 3 bedrooms with room enough to sleep 9, thanks to the bedding and sofa bed in the lounge area. Linens are provided for you, and you'll have access to a stylish full kitchen with quality stainless steel appliances. You'll find a lawn area and garden on the property along with a barbecue. With its location, you'll find yourself within walking distance to local cafes, restaurants and historical sites.