Discover a protected paradise from Rottnest accommodation

Located not far off the coast of Western Australia, Rottnest Island is an A-class reserve, receiving the highest possible level of protection for public land. It's best known for its population of quokkas, which are increasingly rare. It also hosts populations of a variety of other animals, including fur seals and Australian sea lions. The area offers beaches, historic lighthouses, great shopping and all the elements of a great family adventure. Your holiday adventure on a true island paradise begins with your accommodation.

Take a trip to the mainland from the Rottnest Ferry Terminal

If you're looking to take a trip to the mainland, or to travel to Rottnest from the mainland, a house, condo, villa, cabin or other accommodation near the Rottnest Ferry Terminal is your best bet. This ferry allows you to explore not only Australia's coast but to explore any number of other outlying islands or take a boat tour on the ocean where you can see the native sea life in its natural habitat. From diving or snorkelling to view coral reefs to a whale-watching expedition, staying in accommodation near the Ferry is the gateway to waterborne adventures.

Explore the excitement of mainland Perth

Grab the ferry to the mainland to explore Perth for a day and have a big city adventure. As the capital of Western Australia, Perth allows you access to the trendiest bars and clubs to enjoy the vibrant nightlife. You can also get outstanding food at any of the local restaurants, try local wines, and check out the best in big-name shopping. Perth is also home to a variety of museums, cultural sites, botanic gardens, serene parklands and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. A day trip to Perth from a holiday cottage offers fun and excitement.

Take a historic tour on Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is a historical treasure. If you're a history buff, there are tours of the island available that will not only let you see the quokka and other animals but allows you to experience important sites, from lighthouses to a historic battery that dates back to World War II. These sites allow panoramic views of the ocean and beaches, while also being educational and offering an insight into the days of the past. By taking a tour of the heritage sites near your accommodation, you'll appreciate where we came from, and where we're going.

Visit the 19th century Wadjemup Lighthouse

Just steps away from Rottnest Island accommodation, you'll find Wadjemup Lighthouse, a historic lighthouse first completed in 1849 and representing the first stone lighthouse in Western Australia. It was designed to provide passage from ships to both the Swan River Colony and Fremantle Port. The lighthouse that stands today replaced the original and was completed in 1896 as the first rotating-beam lighthouse in Australia. Daily tours are available to allow you to see this historic wonder and other extant structures in the precinct, including a World War II observation post.

Tour the early 20th century Bathurst Lighthouse

Wadjemup Lighthouse is actually 1 of 2 historic towers that stand not far from Rottnest holiday accommodation. The other is Bathurst Lighthouse, located on the island's northeast coast. It was completed in 1900 to reduce the number of shipping disasters that occurred in the late 1800s. The lighthouse still stands today, as does the former lighthouse keeper's residences, and as with its counterpart, tours are available that allow you and your family to get a breathtaking panoramic view of the island and Pacific Ocean waters.

Explore the Oliver Hill Battery

The Oliver Hill Battery, more properly known as Fremantle Coastal Defence Oliver Hill Battery, dates to World War II and was designed to protect the port town of Fremantle and the entire Perth metropolitan area against enemy invasion. It consisted of dismantling a hill to dig a series of tunnels and gun emplacements, then re-building the hill over top. Today, you can take guided tours through this intense labyrinthine underground tunnel system and learn about the history of the island during WWII.

Go shopping along Geordie Bay Road

If you're looking to find the perfect souvenir of your holiday trip to Rottnest, you'll find tons of fun, boutique shops along Geordie Bay Road. Here you can find souvenirs and kitsch, but you can also find esoterica and handmade arts and crafts by local artists. As you browse the shops, you can enjoy a snack or meal at a local cafe, or you can even walk along the beach to take a swim in the bay itself, relax on the sand, and enjoy the natural surroundings of the area, all just minutes from your accommodation near Rottnest Island.