Beach houses in Barwon Heads—make a sea change in your life

If you’re in need of a holiday in the sun, travelling to Victoria is an excellent decision, particularly if you reserve a beach house in Barwon Heads. Barwon Heads is one of the many world-class beach destinations in Victoria, and in this popular holiday spot, you’ll be able to spend as much time as you want in the surf and sand. Countless quality beach houses are available in the area, from large houses that are the perfect choice for a family beach holiday to smaller accommodation ideal for couples seeking a romantic trip near the ocean. If you want one of the most exciting, fun-filled holidays of your life, staying in a Victoria beach holiday house is a great choice.

Victoria beaches for your holiday

Victoria features some of the top beach destinations in all of Australia, from quaint seaside towns to hopping hotspots where you can have fun. Here are some of the top beach spots in Victoria where you can find high-end beach houses.

Brighton Beach houses

When you’re ready for your next Victoria beach holiday, visiting Brighton Beach is a great choice. At this popular beach, you’ll find long stretches of pristine coastline that you’ll love strolling, and the warm sands are lined with brightly coloured Victorian bathing boxes, which is truly a sight to behold. In this tranquil area, you’ll find a number of excellent beach houses, some of which are right on the beach so that every night you’ll enjoy an ocean wave lullaby. When you wake up in the morning after a great night’s sleep on your comfortable bed, you can walk down to the shore and dip your toes in the surf.

Rye beach house

A small seaside town in Victoria, Rye is another great spot for a beach holiday, particularly if you’re travelling with your family. From your multi-bedroom beach house, you’ll have convenient access to bright, white sands and warm ocean waters. You can run up and down the shore with your kids and try your hand at kitesurfing, or you can simply relax and soak up some sun. Rye is also one of the most popular surfing spots in Australia, so be sure to pick up a board so you can spend some time riding the foam-capped waves.

St Kilda beach house

If you’re looking for a luxury beach holiday, you may want to take a trip to St Kilda. This seaside community is filled with mansions constructed during the area’s boom period, which means you should have no trouble finding a high-end holiday house. Not only will you have convenient access to the city’s best activities, such as shopping on Fitzroy Street, from your luxury beach house, your holiday will also include first-rate amenities like spa tubs and beach access. Visit St Kilda once and it just may become your go-to destination whenever you’re in the mood for a beach holiday.

Beach houses for rent in Victoria

Because Victoria features so many can’t-miss beach destinations, you can find a top-notch beach house with ease. Here are some of the best beach houses you should keep in mind while planning your holiday in Victoria.

Family house

If you want to take your entire family to the beach on holiday, Paradise Beach on the Boulevard is the ideal beach house for you. Thanks to 5 bedrooms that can sleep up to 15 people, you can take yourself, your children and maybe even a few extended family members on your trip. The house is just across the street from the beach, and there are also numerous cycling and walking trails in the area so that you can spend your entire holiday outdoors. A spacious balcony is attached to the main bedroom, so you can start every day with a breathtaking view, and after returning from the beach in the evenings, you can use the outdoor barbecue to cook a family feast.

Beach retreat

For a vacation filled with rest and relaxation, staying at this beach retreat is a good choice. This stylish beach house features a private solar-heated pool so that you can enjoy a swim with more quiet and privacy than you can find at the beach, and when you’re ready to hit the sands, the ocean is just a short walk away. Two of the 3 bedrooms come equipped with plush queen beds and high-definition televisions, and the third bedroom offers 2 bunk bed sets, making it perfect for children. The house is also pet-friendly, so you can bring our furry family members along on your holiday.