If you’re looking for the ultimate holiday by the shore, Central Coast has numerous accommodation choices to offer. This holiday playground features attractions and resorts suitable for travellers looking to relax as well as travellers looking for more adventure in their lives. You’ll find plenty of beaches for swimming, surfing and fishing, along with a collection of other activities available. You’ll just have to find a Terrigal beach accommodation or house in another area of Central Coast to get started.

Where to find a beach house in Central Coast

Australia’s central coast covers some 570.6 square km, with some attractive destinations nearby as well, so there are numerous locations for a premier beach house in Central Coast. When you’re looking for an accommodation for your holiday, consider Terrigal in addition to Central Coast proper.

Booking a Central Coast beach house

In addition to its pristine beaches, Central Coast is a bastion of Australian culture. Right next to the shore, you can find outdoorsy fun with activities like zip lining and bushwalking. Beach houses in the area will emulate that kind of atmosphere, as many include vibrant gardens filled with local flora. Of course, no Central Coast beach house would be worth its name without proximity to the beach. Just a few steps away from the property, you can enjoy swimming, surfing, and diving. When you’re finished, all you have to do is walk right back to the house, where you can relax and enjoy modern amenities like laundry machines and fully stocked kitchens.

Booking a Terrigal beach house

Technically a suburb of Central Coast, Terrigal is a much quieter region suited for visitors looking for a relaxing holiday experience. The beaches tend to be a bit calmer, while the neighbouring streets are notably low-key. That isn’t to say there isn’t any excitement to be found near a Terrigal beach house. They just tend to focus more on peace and tranquility than anything else. From your bedroom in a local beach house, your nights will be filled with the sounds of gentle ocean waves that can easily lull you to sleep. Like their more urban counterparts, however, you’ll still have convenient access to the beach as well as the coastal skate parks Terrigal is known for.

Finding the right type of beachfront accommodation in Central Coast

Several options are available when it comes to choosing the type of beachfront accommodation in Central Coast you want for your next holiday. Houses seem to be the most popular, and for good reason. Local beach houses are private and spacious with room for the whole family to come. Some travellers prefer a more intimate accommodation, however, and that’s where local bungalows and cottages can help. Typically, they’ll have just one or two bedrooms, making them pristine locations for a couple’s retreat.

Top picks for a Central Coast beach accommodation

With so many options available when it comes to finding a quality Central Coast beach accommodation, it helps to get an idea of what most are like in the area. Here are some of the top picks for Central Coast and Terrigal that could be perfect for your next holiday excursion.

Pet Friendly Central Coast beach house

Book your stay at this Central Coast beach house by MacMasters Beach, and you can really bring the whole family along as it’s pet friendly. There are 4 bedrooms here, but considering the bed setup in each of the rooms, up to 10 people can sleep comfortably here. WiFi is also included at this house, but the real treat is its proximity to the beach. Located by Bouddi National Park, you get to enjoy the beach right next to extensive and preserved natural splendour.

Ocean views from Terrigal beach accommodation

Located right by the beach in Terrigal, this apartment has more amenities than you might think. With 3 bedrooms, there’s room enough inside to sleep 6 people, and everyone can enjoy scenic views of the water from inside. The beach itself is just 100 metres away, but you don’t even have to leave the apartment to enjoy the outdoors, as the massive balcony can seat 6 people.

2-bedroom beach house in Central Coast

If you’re looking for a more modest beach house in Central Coast, this 2-bedroom home may be perfect for your ideal holiday experience. Each bedroom is outfitted with a queen-size bed, so up to 4 people can sleep comfortably here. With the proximity to the beach, however, you can enjoy whale watching and the coastal breeze without even leaving the property. Of course, a short walk can get you to the beach itself that’s perfect for swimming and fishing.