Nature's drama to explore from Blue Mountains cabins

The idea of getting close to nature attracts many travellers to the Blue Mountains. From a distance, the mountains appear blue-tinted. Once you reach the area and see the eucalyptus forests, steep cliffs and majestic waterfalls, the natural surroundings will astound you. The area is also ideal for those who want to get away from the hectic city life and enjoy peace and quiet. Whether you’re here for a rugged family outing, a private romantic holiday or you want to walk the nature trails at Blue Mountains National Park, you’ll find many suitable cabin accommodations to enhance your stay.

Types of cabin accommodation in the Blue Mountains

You’ll find numerous options when looking at Blue Mountains accommodation cabins. You should first decide on the purpose of your trip. If you want to embrace the great outdoors with just the necessities, a typical cabin should suit your needs. For those travellers who want to pamper themselves, you should consider a mountain lodge or spa cabin. For a unique experience, you can stay at a cabin treehouse. If you want easy access to civilization, you should choose a cabin at one of the villages rather than off a mountain trail.

Blue Mountains traditional cabins

When people hear the word ‘cabin’, many think of a dwelling made of logs and wood. The reality is a cabin can mean any small holiday rental located in the mountains, which includes limestone cottages. While you can choose a cabin with minimal amenities such as electricity and a bathroom, many cabins offer more nice amenities including a fully stocked kitchen, internet access and TVs. The 1-bedroom cabins are ideal for couples, yet several holiday homes have 3 or more bedrooms for a family to stay in.

Blue Mountains spa cabins

Couples who are looking to enrich a romantic holiday should consider a stay at a spa cabin. Spa cabins are designed to pamper their guests. You can relax in a bubbly spa bath, sleep in a comfortable queen-sized bed, or snuggle with your significant other next to a cozy fireplace. You can sit on a balcony or deck and take in the gorgeous view of the mountains and bushland. Many holiday rentals also provide wine and complimentary chocolates. Spa cabins are a great place to heighten your romance or simply indulge yourself.

Blue Mountains lodges

People tend to use the words ‘cabin’ and ‘lodge’ interchangeably. While both dwellings are very similar and some owners may call their cabins lodges, you’ll also find subtle differences. Lodges are typically bigger in size than cabins, with 4 or more bedrooms. The larger size benefits families and groups of friends. Lodges are often more luxurious and offer more amenities like a mini-bar and private pool. Lodges are scattered throughout the Blue Mountains and are easily accessible to walking and horseback trails and such sites as Mount Victoria.

Blue Mountains cabin treehouses

For an adventurous and truly different holiday experience, look into Blue Mountain cabin treehouses. The cabin is elevated to the same height as the top of adjacent gum trees. Most treehouses have floor-to-ceiling glass walls, which give you a glorious panoramic view of your surroundings. The rooms are often decorated with wood panels and rustic furniture that add to the outdoor appeal. Since the treehouse cabins are small with 1 or 2 bedrooms, they’re more appropriate for couples or small families.

Katoomba mountain lodges

If you want a holiday rental in town, you should check out the Katoomba mountain lodges. You can stay at a lodge near the top of a cliff or a charming 2-bedroom cottage with a lovely garden in the back. Katoomba is close to popular attractions that include Echo Point, where you can admire the stunning Three uSisters rock formation. Katoomba also provides many restaurants and cafes for those visitors who wish to dine out.

Leura and other local Blue Mountains accommodations

Other possible Blue Mountains accommodation cabins can be found in villages such as Leura, where you’ll find family-friendly lodges near the hiking trails or luxury cabins that overlook the golf course. You should also consider a mountain cabin close to Wentworth Falls, where you can view the impressive waterfalls of the same name. Blackheath offers various holiday accommodations from cozy cottages to rugged 2-storey cabins with a sun deck. All of these villages make great options for you to enjoy your mountain stay.