Get your quokka selfies by staying in a Rottnest lodge

About 18 kilometres off the western coast of Australia lies Rottnest Island. Only 19 square kilometres, this island is packed full of exciting activities, and a lodge makes the perfect base of operations to explore it all. A quality lodge is crafted with high-quality wood giving it a more natural feel, yet it still features all the modern amenities you’d come to expect. With its proximity to Perth, Cockburn, and Fremantle and frequent ferry services to the island, you can enjoy your Rottnest lodge and still have access to the mainland.

What to look for in a Rottnest Island lodge

When you book a Rottnest Island lodge, there are a few things you need to look out for. First, you need convenient access to Rottnest Island. Ferries can transport visitors to the island easily, so you at least need to be nearby one of those services. Second, make sure your lodge has all the modern amenities you’re looking for. That includes a self-catering kitchen, quality bedding and even television if you need something to do at night. Finally, make sure the lodge is best suited for your unique holiday experience. If you’re bringing the whole family, ensure there are enough bedrooms. If you’re embarking on a couple’s retreat, a single-bedroom lodge might be perfect.

Finding a Rottnest lodge near the Rottnest Ferry Terminal

If you want to make sure your lodge is close to Rottnest Island, it’s best to book your stay near the Rottnest Ferry Terminal. It’s located conveniently in North Fremantle where you’ll find all sorts of accommodations available thanks to Fremantle’s role as a major port city. Given the proximity to the ferry, you can enjoy all of the amenities of a lodge within Rottnest Island proper just a few steps and a short ride away.

Booking a Rottnest Island lodge in Fremantle

The coastal city of Fremantle can be perfect as a base of operations for your Rottnest Island lodge holiday. The island itself is mostly preserved land, so staying in Fremantle can put you a lot closer to luxury amenities many travellers have grown accustomed to. With the ferry service to Rottnest, getting to the island from the city is a simple afterthought. Lodges in the area tend to have full kitchens and laundry facilities standard while higher quality lodges can put you right next to a cafe so you can start your morning right before venturing to Rottnest Island.

Animals by your Rottnest lodge

Rottnest Island is known primarily for its massive quokka population. This native marsupial is remarkably friendly to humans, so don’t be surprised if one approaches you. Appearing as if they have a permanent smile, quokka are known as the happiest animals on earth. While it can be tempting, don’t actually reach out to touch these adorable creatures. Australian law forbids touching or feeding them. The sheer number of these creatures on Rottnest makes it virtually impossible to miss them while staying at a Rottnest lodge. In fact, it’s likely you’ll find one right next to whatever lodge you book at some point.

Expectations for a Rottnest Island lodge

Rottnest Island is home to numerous activities and annual events, and your Rottnest Island lodge should be able to facilitate your adventure through it all while providing comfortable accommodations for your entire group. Some of the more higher quality lodges even have a spa area where you can relax the day away. This is especially helpful if you’re a February traveller and attempted the daunting Rottnest Channel Swim. Some lodges can also grant access to secluded beaches where you can enjoy the turquoise waters without having to fight through crowds.