Oo la la—cabins in Sunshine Coast—Noosa and Mooloolaba

Many travellers are drawn to beaches for a holiday destination, where they can walk on the white sands, enjoy the cool waves and bask in the sun. The Sunshine Coast contains beaches in the Queensland region that appeal to all types of visitors. Aside from the shore, you can also see the koalas at the Australia Zoo in Beerwah or hike up in the Glass House Mountains. Whether you want a luxury cottage or a 3-bedroom family-friendly cabin, you can find the ideal accommodation to suit your needs.

Different kinds of cabin accommodations at Sunshine Coast

To make sure all travellers have a pleasant experience, the Sunshine Coast delivers a variety of different holiday rentals. The accommodation you choose depends largely on your preferences and budget. You can choose a cabin by the river along the Sunshine Coast Waterfront or a house right on the beach. Couples on a romantic holiday may like private 1-bedroom cottages, whereas families might prefer bigger lodges. While upscale spa cabins are available, you’ll also find many modest and budget-friendly holiday homes.

Beachfront cabins at Sunshine Coast

If you’re planning a beach holiday, you might want to book a cabin that is literally on the shoreline. Beachfront homes usually appeal to surfers who want to get to the waves in the early morning hours or couples who like the romantic atmosphere and might take an evening stroll along the shore. For those who like to swim and play in the water all day, you can check out accommodation with an outdoor pool. Many holiday rentals also have a deck where you can sit and watch the sunset over the ocean.

Pet-friendly cabins at Sunshine Coast

If you miss your dog or cat while you’re away on a holiday, you should consider bringing them with you. Many Sunshine coast cabins are pet-friendly. You should still communicate with the property owner in advance to discuss any requirements they may have. Certain owners may have a limit on the number of animals and ask for proof of your pets’ vaccinations. Several holiday homes have a fenced-in yard to keep your dogs safe from running away. You’ll find beach trails and parks nearby that are suitable for walking your dog.

Top towns to rent cabins at Sunshine Coast

The towns and villages in the Sunshine Coast region all have distinctive qualities that stand out to travellers and offer attractive holiday homes. Most accommodation comes with modern amenities such as air conditioning, WiFi and a full kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave oven. Wherever you choose to stay, you’ll find both affordable comfortable lodges and luxurious elegant villas.

Noosa holiday rentals

Noosa provides a variety of locales for you to book your accommodation. If you like to shop at boutique stores and eat fine cuisine at restaurants, you can stay at the nearby chic cottages. You’ll find numerous family-friendly lodges around Noosa National Park. For picturesque scenery, the lakeside cabins offer a gorgeous view of Lake Weyba and it’s a great spot for you to sail a boat and canoe.

Mooloolaba and Caloundra cabins

The atmosphere at Mooloolaba and Caloundra is very relaxed and both towns remain popular destinations for those who seek a holiday at the shore. You can stay at many beachfront cabins that lie on the long stretch of coastline. If you wanted to fish or kayak on the Maroochy River, which flows by Mooloolaba you can book nearby lodges for easy access. Caloundra attracts more hipster visitors with its trendy art galleries and cafes. So whether you’re looking for a rugged beach house or a contemporary cabin, you can expect great accommodation at Mooloolaba and Caloundra.

Sunshine Coast Hinterlands lodges

While the beaches have their allure, you might prefer to stay in the mountains or the countryside. The Hinterlands is a rural area where you can rent a quaint cottage with a garden and lush greenery surrounding the property. Couples can enjoy a secluded cabin up in the Glass Mountains. For a fun quirky dwelling, you can stay at a treehouse cabin where you’ll be enchanted by the bird’s-eye view of the forest.