Central Highlands views in a Cradle Mountain lodge or cabin

If you’re looking for a holiday where you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, staying in a Cradle Mountain lodge is an excellent choice. Tucked into the heart of the Central Highlands of Tasmania, Cradle Mountain offers forested walking trails, craggy peaks and a variety of cabins where you can enjoy a relaxing stay. You can find cosy cabins that overlook glittering mountain lakes as well as lodges that include luxury features such as spa tubs. Whether for relaxing indoors or going on a trek through the woods, reserving a Cradle Mountain cabin is a great idea.

Cosy cabins in Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is one of the most popular hiking spots in all of Tasmania, and after a few hours of hiking the scenic trails you can unwind in one of the many cosy cabins in Cradle Mountain. While staying in a cabin, you’ll have access to all the amenities you need for a relaxing holiday, from quaint bedrooms with comfortable beds to spacious living rooms perfect for an evening with your friends and family. Many cabins even offer a full kitchen so you can save money on your holiday by preparing your own meals. In a cosy Cradle Mountain cabin, you’ll be able to get away from the stresses of everyday life and finally relax.

Unwind in a Cradle Mountain lodge spa

After you’ve spent some time exploring the craggy peaks of Cradle Mountain or walking around the tranquil shores of nearby Dove Lake, there’s nothing better than returning to your mountain lodge and letting your tension melt away in a spa. Many of the top Cradle Mountain lodges offer world-class amenities including spa tubs with muscle-massaging jets. Some spas are located outdoors, which means you can enjoy the warm water while soaking in a breathtaking view of green treetops and towering peaks.

Top picks for Cradle Mountain lodges and cabins

Cradle Mountain is a popular destination for travellers who want a holiday in nature. If you’re interested in visiting Cradle Mountain, there are a wide variety of cabins and lodges in which you can stay. Some cabins offer multiple bedrooms, making them perfect for a family holiday, while others include exciting amenities such as stunning views, game rooms with televisions and full kitchens. Whatever you’re looking for in your Cradle Mountain holiday, you should be able to find a cabin or lodge that more than meets your needs.

Stay in a rustic cabin in Cradle Mountain

If you’re looking for a Cradle Mountain cabin that provides rustic charm and comfortable amenities, this newly restored cabin is a great option. This cabin is surrounded by 100 acres of scenic woodland and includes a creek where you can watch platypuses playing in the water. The bathroom features a cast-iron bathtub where you can soak at the end of a long day, and the master bedroom features a plush queen bed where you can get a great night’s sleep. Best of all, this cabin is only mere minutes from the heart of Cradle Mountain National Park, making it easy to fill your holiday with outdoor adventures.

Romantic cabin in the heart of Cradle Mountain

If you’re planning a romantic holiday for 2 in Cradle Mountain, staying in this cosy alpine cabin is an excellent decision. When it’s cool outside, you and your special someone can curl up next to the wood heater in the spacious downstairs lounge. Follow the masterfully crafted timber staircase to the second floor and you’ll find the master bedroom, which includes a hand-built double bed and cathedral ceiling that contributes to the romantic, rustic atmosphere. You can cook breakfast for two using the fully equipped kitchen, then head out to explore the bushland property that features a lazy stream as well as interesting flora and fauna.

Luxury cabin with relaxing features

Love Grove is another excellent cabin to stay in on your Cradle Mountain holiday. This luxury cabin is just a short drive from Cradle Mountain and is surrounded by 40 acres of lush mountain forest. In the mornings, you can sit out on the patio with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the crisp mountain air. After a day filled with excitement, you can spend some time easing your tension in the large spa tub. The master bedroom features a soft queen bed that will comfortably sleep 2, and in the evenings you can warm up by the wood stove in the living area while watching a movie on the LCD TV.