Finding romantic stays, from treehouses to love cabins

If you want to enjoy a truly romantic holiday, consider renting a love cabin. Unique accommodation, ranging from caves to tents, and beautiful natural surroundings will help heighten the romance and let couples focus on their relationships. Check out the various cabins in the Blue Mountains and nearby towns and see why they allure visitors from all over.

Why love cabins are ideal for couples

If you want to go to a quiet place with your partner for a weekend or a longer period, consider booking a love cabin. Love cabins are designed to be a retreat from the stress and hectic schedules of our everyday lives. Couples may need a holiday to strengthen their relationships or enjoy romantic activities together. You’ll encounter many love cabins in the Blue Mountains, especially near Mount Tomah, where you can hike attractive nature trails or admire the lovely flowers and landscape at the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens. Forests with mahogany and gum trees surround many of the holiday homes to give couples more privacy.

Blue Mountains cabin types

You’ll notice several different kinds of love cabins in the Blue Mountains, each with its own distinctive qualities meant to heighten the romantic mood for your holiday. While the majority of these holiday rentals come with conveniences like a kitchen and bathroom, keep in mind that you won’t have WiFi, and mobile-phone reception might be low at times. Although you may have less connection to the outside world, you can reconnect with your significant other as you take in the scenic outdoors, enjoy romantic walks and look at the stars at night. Wherever you stay, the natural beauty will simply add to the romantic appeal of your holiday home.

Cave cabins

The walls and floors of the cave cabins might remind you of images you’ve seen of early caves of indigenous cultures. The wooden door and furnishings, which include a polished stone loveseat, are also made in a primitive style, but couples can sleep in the comfort of a queen-sized bed. While the cave cabin features a kitchenette with a gas oven and stovetop, you can also cook your food on the outdoor firepit to enhance the rustic atmosphere. Large arch-shaped windows and a deck allow you to enjoy a breathtaking view of your surroundings.

Treehouse cabin

Adventurous couples might want to stay at a treehouse cabin. Located high among the treetops, these cabins offer a panoramic view of the mountains and forests you’re sure to love. You can enjoy the beautiful sunrise with a cup of coffee on the balcony. The treehouse has bedroom, kitchenette, living room, and bathroom, and you'll notice a mix of wooden furniture with modern and cushy sofas.

Studio cabin

The studio cabin is the most contemporary of the love cabins. The bohemian furnishings one can find in these cabins match the wilderness settings, and furniture can include queen-sized beds and comfortable chairs. Many spa rooms in studio cabins have fold-out windows so that you can enjoy the mountain view while you soak in the hot waters. Couples can savour a romantic candlelit dinner on an outdoor deck, and there’s a barbeque if you prefer to grill your food.

Best cabins in the Blue Mountains

As you can see, there is a wide range of cabins you can choose in the Blue Mountains. If you want the most enjoyable holiday possible, however, you should consider staying in one of the best cabins in this exciting locale.

Blue Mountains cabin retreat

If you’re interested in a highly relaxing holiday, staying in Baeside Retreat is a great decision. This cabin retreat provides everything you could want for a romantic getaway, including a huge selection of amenities. The master bedroom features a single bed where you can snuggle up with that special someone, and there is also a wood-burning stove where you can warm up on a cold day. The cabin is surrounded by verdant gum trees, adding a bit of rustic charm to your stay.

Rustic cabin in the Blue Mountains

For a holiday surrounded by nature, you can stay in this gorgeous rustic mountain cabin. Made from natural wood, this Appalachian-style cabin is close to Leura, one of the most beautiful villages in the Blue Mountains, and also provides a number of enticing features. The cabin is fully furnished with plush furniture so that you can relax at the end of the day, and there’s a small play area with swing set perfect for children. You’ll also have access to a full kitchen if you choose to self-cater.