Explore the High Country from a Mt Buller chalet

Travellers frequently flock to the coast during the summer, but winter holidays are best spent at places like Mt Buller. Booking a Mt Buller chalet provides access to the thrilling slopes that pave the way for all sorts of snow sports and other outdoor activities like mountain biking. With a chalet or cabin in this mountainous region, you can add an entirely new level of authenticity to your holiday with a notable connection to the natural surroundings of the area.

Staying in Mt Buller lodges

When you’re booking your stay around Mt Buller, there are different accommodation options to choose from. While there are houses and apartments available, Mt Buller lodges tend to be one of the most popular options, and that’s no accident. These quality lodges and cabins are made from high-quality insulated materials that work hard to keep the cold out. Chalets are the ideal choice if you’re looking for mountainside authenticity, but other lodges can get the job done as well.

Picture-perfect Mt Buller chalets

When you imagine a mountain cabin, what sort of images come to mind? Most picture a cabin made of wood with a gently sloped roof that’s wide and well-supported, with eaves extending out past the building exterior and a partially covered wraparound porch. That image describes a chalet, a mountain cabin so effective that it has become the standard for the entire concept of cabins and lodges.

Essential features of Mt Buller lodge accommodation

There are several essential features you shouldn’t have to do without when booking your Mt Buller lodge accommodation, foremost among them being access to the mountain’s numerous activities. At a minimum, it should be a short trip from your rental to Mt Buller Peak. Because many travellers visit this area for skiing, your lodge should be close to Mt Buller ski slopes as well.

Top picks for Mt Buller chalets

To get the most out of your winter holiday excursion, you’ll want to book a Mt Buller accommodation that will make the whole family happy. Many options are available, but the following properties are especially attractive to travellers. Here’s a look at some of the top picks for the area.

Mt Buller chalet hotel apartment

If you’re looking for more modest accommodation, this Mt Buller hotel-style chalet apartment might just do the trick. Even with its relatively small space, there are still 2 bedrooms that can sleep up to 5 people comfortably. The location is also ideal because it’s so close to the local ski school. With that kind of proximity, it’s well-suited for a family holiday or for those just learning how to ski.

’70s-style Mt Buller ski lodge

Many travellers are searching for an authentic mountainside experience in a classic lodge. That’s exactly what you’ll find with this ’70s-style ski lodge on Mt Buller that’s equipped with enough room to sleep up to 10 people. Not only does it grant access to the ski slopes, but it’s just a 2-minute walk from the village square as well. A fully equipped kitchen is included, and this property is furnished with a large deck suitable for viewing the Victorian High Country.

Summertime fun at a Mt Buller chalet

If you’re looking for a Mt Buller chalet that’s more suitable for summer travellers, consider Sundowner Lodge. This newly renovated lodge is built in the classic chalet style and features room for large groups of people. Up to 20 can sleep comfortably throughout its 6 bedrooms, and the lounge area features an enclosed fireplace that adds warmth to the room. Additionally, there’s a self-catered kitchen, and the lodge is conveniently located on a free local shuttle bus route.