Find natural splendour at the Prom in Wilsons Prom cabins

Wilsons Promontory, or “The Prom” as it’s called by travellers in the know, is a lush peninsula on the southernmost tip of Australia and is an ideal spot for your next holiday. There are a lot of accommodations available in the Wilsons Prom area, including a variety of cabins where you can enjoy a relaxing stay. Wilsons Promontory cabins provide a variety of amenities that can make your holiday more pleasurable, from plush bedrooms to spa tubs to full kitchens. Any traveller looking for a holiday in nature can have a great time staying in one of the many excellent cabins available in Wilsons Prom.

Who will enjoy a holiday in Wilsons Prom accommodation cabins

Any traveller looking for an exciting holiday can have a great time in Wilsons Prom. Whether you’re visiting the area by yourself or planning a family retreat, you’ll have a great time staying in a quality cabin.

Adventurous travellers

Travellers seeking adventure can have a lot of fun on a holiday in Wilsons Promontory. Most of the peninsula is occupied by Wilsons Promontory National Park, a sprawling outdoor area where you can trek across rocky trails, walk through thick underbrush and see a variety of fascinating animals, including kangaroos and wallabies. Just outside the door of your cabin, you’ll find a world of adventure.

Couples looking for romance

Wilsons Promontory is also a top destination for couples young and old looking for a romantic holiday. In Wilsons Prom, you can find a variety of cosy cabins where you and your significant other can spend quality time while enjoying one of the most breathtaking locales in Australia. While you’re curled up by a fire, you can look out the window and see the soaring peaks of Mt. Oberon, or you can spend your time cooking meals for 2 in your cabin’s full kitchen.

Beach bums

Wilson’s Promontory is one of the best spots in Australia to visit if you’re a traveller in need of some time in the surf and sand. The best cabins provide easy access to some of the area’s top beaches, making it easy to fill your holiday with fun. Whether you’re strolling along the shimmering white quartz sand of Squeaky Beach or riding the waves at Norman’s Beach, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life on a Wilsons Prom holiday.

Finding the best cabins in Wilsons Prom

If you want the best holiday possible in Wilsons Prom, you need to find the best cabin. Fortunately, there are a variety of cabins available, from luxury accommodations where you can unwind from the stresses of your everyday life to rustic cabins that will put you in the heart of nature.

Luxury cabins with coastal views

If you want the most relaxing stay possible in Wilsons Prom, staying in a luxury cabin with a sweeping coastal view is an excellent decision. If you stay in this cabin, you’ll enjoy a variety of high-end amenities that will make for an unforgettable holiday. The spa tub is surrounded by large windows, which means you can ease the tension in your muscles while soaking in a stunning view of the nearby Corner Inlet. Three acres of lush greenery surround the cabin so that you can immerse yourself in nature, and every evening you can spend some time on your private deck with a bottle of wine.

Romantic cabins

If you’re planning a couple’s holiday, you’ll want to stay in romantic accommodations such as this cabin. The cosy bedroom features a plush bed that sleeps 2, and just out the window is a stunning view of Mount Margaret and Mount Hunter. The full kitchen provides everything you need to whip up a sumptuous meal which you and your loved one can enjoy while eating in the fresh air on this cabin’s private patio. With the right accommodations, you can easily enjoy a romantic holiday in Wilsons Prom you’ll remember forever.

Wollemi wilderness cabins for families

Wollemi National Park is one of the top outdoor destinations in Wilsons Prom, and if you’re visiting with your family, staying in a Wollemi wilderness cabin such as the Wilderness Bunkhouse is an excellent decision. This cabin sleeps up to 10 people, which means you’ll never have to leave anyone behind, and there are also a variety of amenities that make a family holiday more enjoyable. All 4 bedrooms feature a queen bed so that everyone in your party can get a great night’s sleep, and there is also a fireplace that makes chilly evenings much more pleasant. Best of all, this cabin is fronted by 1,500 acres of rural green space, which means you can spend as much time in nature as you want.