Drink in the outdoors in a Lake Pedder wilderness lodge

The Australian wilderness is vast and vibrant with a wide variety of natural features all across the country. By booking your holiday in one of the local wilderness lodges, you can situate yourself directly in the middle of the Aussie wild where you’ll find unlimited outdoor adventure that will make your holiday absolutely unforgettable.

What to look for in a wilderness lodge

When you’re booking a wilderness lodge in Australia, there are a few things you should keep an eye out for no matter where you’re staying. From Western Australia to Tasmania, any quality lodge should still have all the modern amenities to facilitate a comfortable stay. That means a fully stocked kitchen area, comfortable bedding and even a television if you’re looking for some nighttime entertainment. For a more authentic feel, you can find lodges built in the chalet style with strong wooden construction that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is sturdy and warm. Now that you know what to look for, it’s a matter of where you want to stay.

Booking a Lake Pedder wilderness lodge

Lake Pedder is one of the most popular destinations in Tasmania. It’s a manmade lake that sits comfortably nearby the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. When you book a lodge nearby, you’ll have easy access to the lake letting you take a boat out, fish or swim through its waters. Depending on the locale of your wilderness lodge, you may also have access to scenic views that not only show this breathtaking lake, but the towering mountain ranges around it.

Finding a Cradle Mountain wilderness lodge

If you’re looking for outdoor fun at a higher elevation, Cradle Mountain might be exactly what you need. Cradle Mountain is home to a sprawling town centre, but travellers looking for an outdoor experience can find a lodge built on the mountain itself. With the diversity of accommodations available, you can find lodges suitable for a romantic trip or a family holiday. Many of the local lodges even have kitchens and laundry facilities, so you can enjoy an extended holiday.

Top picks for wilderness lodges

While there are many wilderness lodges available across Australia, several tend to stick out from the rest. The following top picks feature numerous amenities and grant access to the countryside that puts you right in the middle of the action.

Wilderness lodge near cycling trails

One of the best ways to explore the Tasmanian wilderness is by riding through a cycling trail. At this wilderness lodge, you can bring the whole family as there are 4 bedrooms that can comfortably sleep 8 people. It’s located conveniently next to the Blue Derby MTB Trails and can perfectly facilitate your adventures there. It’s completely self-catering, and it features a smart TV and high-speed WiFi connectivity. Additionally, the enclosed upstairs balcony offers scenic mountain views.

Jarrah Forest wilderness lodge

In Western Australia, you can find a cozy lodge located within the expansive Jarrah Forest. This lodge is massive, so you can easily bring 2 or 3 families along for the trip. There are 20 bedrooms total with enough room to accommodate a maximum of 52 people. Of course, smaller parties are welcome as well. At this lodge, you’ll have convenient access to scenic walking trails that can take you through the nearby wilderness on foot or on a bicycle. There’s also a deck and patio area if you just want to relax while surrounded by the vibrant greenery of the forest.