Explore Adelaide cottages that will utterly delight you

East of Adelaide proper, you’ll find the vibrant Adelaide Hills region that’s known worldwide for its sprawling vineyards and wineries. Even if you’re not interested in the wine, the expansive, vibrant countryside is a magnificent sight. Temperatures in the area are noticeably cooler as well, so it can make a satisfying summer destination for travellers looking to beat the heat. You’ll have your choice of several cottages available in the area that make perfect holiday destinations suitable for the whole family. With an Adelaide cottage, you can explore Adelaide Hills and retreat to cosy comforts.

What to look for in Adelaide Hills country cottages

When it comes to finding the ultimate cottage in Adelaide Hills, there are a few factors you should consider first. Adelaide Hills is primarily known for its natural environments, so an ideal cottage would have large windows and a balcony or patio area. Additionally, cottages should come equipped with a full kitchen for self-catering and, with numerous wineries in the area, an ideal cottage will also come stocked with glasses that let you enjoy the fruits of these vineyards’ labour. Adelaide Hills is also quite expansive, so it’s essential that you consider which area of the region you want to book one of the Adelaide Hills country cottages.

Adelaide Hills cottages in Lenswood

If you want one of the Adelaide Hills country cottages close to a wine region, booking your stay around the village of Lenswood might be your best bet. This semi-rural village makes it easy to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to retreat to a calm area consisting of sprawling green forests, fields and vineyards. Cottages in the area tend to be as modest as the town, as the area is typically better suited for a couple’s retreat rather than a family holiday. Still, you’ll find some options with multiple bedrooms that can accommodate your family or group of friends.

Finding an Adelaide cottage by Mount Lofty

One of the most iconic landmarks in the Adelaide Hills area is Mount Lofty. This 727-meter peak towers over the region and provides numerous outdoor activities for more adventurous travellers to enjoy, from hiking to cycling. You’ll find a wide variety of Adelaide cottages in the area. Some are higher up on the mountain, while others lie near the edge of expansive vineyards located at the foot of the mountain. Wherever you book your stay, you can expect easy access to outdoor activities along with a quiet and relaxing atmosphere that can make the whole family happy.

Top picks for Adelaide Hills country cottages

Adelaide Hills country cottages can facilitate an unforgettable holiday experience as you enjoy the fresh world-famous wine and numerous outdoor activities. Cottages are scattered all over the region, though, so narrowing down the list of possibilities could take some work. Take a look through our top picks for the area, and discover what you can expect to find in these cottages in terms of amenities, space and comforts.

Historic Adelaide Hills cottage

Adelaide Hills cottages typically have enough to offer with their intimate connection to the outdoors, but The Well Room, part of this 3-building property, adds historical charm to the experience as well. This quaint, 1-bedroom 1847 cottage has been renovated to feature all the modern comforts you’d expect from cosy holiday accommodation and is a perfect couple’s retreat. You’ll find fresh linens, a washing machine and dryer combo and a television in the living space, as well as a fully stocked kitchen with all the appliances, dishes and utensils you need. If you book multiple nights, you’ll even get a complimentary bottle of wine from one of the local vineyards.

Adelaide Hills cottage with a conservatory

For travellers planning on bringing the whole family with them, this massive cottage has more than enough space. There are 5 total bedroom areas that allow up to 10 people to sleep comfortably inside. Rustic charm is also plentiful here, as the massive conservatory area allows you to gaze up into the stars from within the comfort of the cottage. It’s also conveniently located near Mount Lofty and several other communities, such as Stirling and even Adelaide, are just 20 minutes away. You’ll also find a private garden and swimming pool here, so you can enjoy time outside without even leaving the property.