Farm stays in NSW—not just a holiday but an experience

A farm stay in New South Wales offers you great choices in countryside comfort if you’re looking to experience the best of Sydney, the coast or NSW mountains. With a New South Wales farm stay, you could experience an eco-retreat in the mountains surrounded only by rocks, trees and the peace of solitude. A coastal farmhouse might suit you better, with the choice of nearby beach or personal swimming pool for you to cool off. If you want a bit of country chic, you can find a farm stay just outside of Sydney that gives you the ideal blend of city and rural charm.

Rejuvenating farm stay in Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley is a majestic town, and you can find some of the most serene farm stays here. Whether you are hoping to escape from a busy life in a secluded country setting, or you fancy a resort style accommodation, Kangaroo Valley has a farm stay for you. You could rent a train carriage to feel like a colonial settler, or a full amenity eco-resort might be your preferred type. Many travellers enjoy the brick farmhouse that’s located on a functioning dairy farm. While Kangaroo Valley has beautiful rainforests and scenic rolling hills to stay near, you could also secure a farm stay with coastal views that gives you the luxury of a penthouse.

Farm stay in Hunter Valley

You might find your ideal farm stay in Hunter Valley. That’s because you have options from a rustic refurbished barn with wood burning fireplace to a 21st-century home and everything in between. A rough-and-tumble barn stay might be your style, where you can experience settlers’ life and fish on the nearby pond. A colonial Tudor with its own swimming pool might suit your fancy, or a traditional farm stay with sprawling acres of trees and livestock. One popular choice is a 3-bedroom ranch that gives you the best of the simple country life with full amenities.

Retreat to a farm stay in the Blue Mountains

The rugged Blue Mountains region is an alpine paradise, with scenic cliffs, waterfalls and eucalyptus forests, that will make for a great holiday. You can take advantage of the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains in an all accommodating farm stay. You may find that the best place to unwind is a 5-bedroom stucco farmhouse with open living room and community kitchen to enjoy the views and the company. A farm estate with renovated historic brick and wood houses harkens back to a bush outpost, yet with modern amenities such as a tennis court and a private swimming pool. You could also breathe in the fresh mountain air from your very own 3-bedroom farmhouse on a sprawling ranch dotted with trees and a stretch of land for cattle grazing.

Mudgee NSW farm stays

The colonial-inspired countryside town of Mudgee awaits your holiday farm stay. You know Mudgee for the incredible selection of wineries and the Gothic Revival architecture of St. Mary of the Preservation Catholic Church. To best experience the awe-inspiring landscape, you can reserve a farm stay, whether your preference is posh or the simple life. If luxury is your style, you can enjoy a 4-bedroom farmhouse with modern touches of country decorations and a hot tub where you can sip wine at sunset. If you would rather spend your holiday with herds of sheep and a quaint rocky wall, Mudgee has your perfect retreat spot.

Farm stays in Dubbo

You could find rest and relaxation at a 3-bedroom farmhouse in Dubbo. Not far from the zoo and surrounded by botanical life, your personal farm stay has garden paths and an abundance of wildlife that calls the property home. With a wooden picnic table in the kitchen and a quaint sink basin in the bathroom, this Dubbo farm stay is a charming contemporary locale.