Parramatta apartments—close to the historic and the modern

While Parramatta primarily serves as a suburb of Sydney, it’s an impressive and exciting city in its own right, with numerous attractions for all sorts of travellers to enjoy. You’ll find Australia’s oldest surviving public building here, as well as one of the largest shopping centres in the country. Parramatta also offers a scenic riverfront area with several high-end restaurants. Due to the luxurious lifestyle that most are accustomed to in Parramatta, you’ll find apartments that offer a similar kind of experience. High-quality amenities are common, so you’ll find most apartments for rent offer features like a full self-catering kitchen, a spacious open floor plan and occasionally a hot tub.

What to look for in Parramatta serviced apartments

Sydney is the oldest city in Australia, and Parramatta comes in at a close second being just 10 months younger. Because of this, you’ll find a lot of historical emphasis among serviced apartments in Parramatta. Popular destinations tend to be located near local heritage sites, while some apartments are housed within historical buildings themselves. Despite the centuries of history in this town, you can still find all the luxury amenities you’d expect from contemporary accommodation such as central heating and cooling as well as modern kitchen appliances.

Apartments near the Parramatta Heritage Centre

One of the most popular locations in the city is the Parramatta Heritage Centre. This state-of-the-art facility features artefacts and information detailing the indigenous peoples from 40,000 years ago all the way through the migration waves after the Europeans’ arrival in 1788. History buffs will find numerous Parramatta apartments in the area perfect for their holiday trip. Apartments near the centre tend to offer more comfort than you might think including high-quality linens, spacious bedrooms and, of course, free WiFi for learning more about the area after the historical sites close for the night.

Serviced apartments near Parramatta Park

Encompassing 85 hectares, Parramatta Park is a popular destination for travellers looking to relax and learn more about history. Not only are the green fields by the Parramatta River relaxing, but within the park you’ll find the Old Government House. This house is over 2 centuries old and serves as an important reminder of how far Australia has come from its British colonial roots. By booking one of the serviced apartments near Parramatta Park, you’ll have easy access to this site and the surrounding area, which is perfect for travellers looking for urban luxury without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city. Inside an apartment here, it’s common to find large windows and balconies that overlook the expansive park area, so your mornings can include scenic views of breathtaking natural landscapes.

Top picks for Parramatta apartments

There are many options when it comes to Parramatta apartments, no matter what you’re looking for on your next holiday. What matters most is that you find one that fits your unique needs. Here are a few of the top apartments in town to give you an idea of everything quality accommodation can offer for your next holiday trip.

Waterfront penthouse Parramatta apartment

With all the luxury, space and views you could want, this waterfront penthouse has it all. Its massive 4 bedrooms can sleep up to 8 people comfortably, so don’t hesitate to take the whole family along for the trip. Not only will you have access to a balcony here, but you’ll also have rooftop access offering panoramic views of Parramatta with Sydney to the east and Blue Mountains to the west. The master bedroom has an en suite bathroom with a tub, and the bed linens have a 1000 thread count. Even the kitchen is fully equipped with stainless steel appliances.

Apartment with a backyard near Parramatta Park

Ground-floor apartments have a lot of advantages, but this one is especially unique thanks to its backyard. In addition to the outdoor space, you’ll find luxuries inside such as renovated wooden floors and a full self-catering kitchen. With 2 bedrooms as well as a sofa bed in the living room, 6 people have enough space to sleep comfortably. Internet access is included as well, and you’ll have your own washer and dryer to keep your clothes clean throughout your trip.

Brand-new serviced apartment in Parramatta

Parramatta may be known for its history, but there’s lots of modern accommodation available as well. In fact, this brand-new modern serviced apartment in Parramatta offers panoramic views and contemporary features that can ensure your next holiday is more relaxing than ever. There are 2 bedrooms with room for 4 guests total, along with a notably large balcony. This apartment is situated near the top of the building, so the views are particularly extensive. The master bedroom offers en suite bathroom and balcony access, and an open floor plan connects the living area to the kitchen for a cohesive experience.