Top villa destinations in Australia—Metung villas and beyond

Australia is one of the most popular and advanced countries in the world, and it receives over 8.8 million travellers every year from outside of the country. Even native Australians, however, frequently enjoy travelling to different regions of this massive country to get a taste of what it’s like elsewhere. For example, Metung holiday villas are going to be a bit different from villas in Perth. Both are going to be filled with high-end amenities and luxuries, however, so visitors can always count on a satisfying holiday experience no matter where their adventure takes them.

Enjoy villas in Perth and other locations across Australia

Each region of Australia has something unique to offer. If you want to get the most out of a holiday trip to any of the numerous regions, it helps to book accommodation that allows you to get up close and personal with the area. Even if the property itself is somewhat isolated from the community and offers much sought-after privacy, it will still have influences from the area that create a distinctive character. That’s why a villa in Perth is notably different from a Melbourne villa even though both can be comfortable with room for the whole family. What matters most is determining where in Australia you want to book your stay.

Finding Metung holiday villas

On the southeastern coast of Victoria, you’ll find the town of Metung. It has become a popular holiday destination for travellers from all over Australia thanks to its relaxing small-town atmosphere, sandy beach and proximity to larger cities. To get the most out of your holiday adventure here, booking one of the Metung holiday villas might be the best way. These villas tend to be as relaxing as the town itself, with spacious rooms and high-quality linens. You’ll also find a full kitchen in many local options, so you can enjoy a home-cooked meal every night. Keep an eye out for beachfront properties as well, as the quiet nature of the town makes it easy to fall asleep to the peaceful sounds of nighttime waves falling on the shore.

Booking a villa in Perth

The largest city in Western Australia is Perth, and it’s rapidly becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations throughout the country. It’s settled on the massive Swan River just a stone’s throw from the Indian Ocean, so aquatic adventures are plentiful here. Perth is also known for arts and entertainment with numerous theatres around town such as the Heath Ledger Theatre. The music here is especially unique, as the lack of major touring artists has helped the local scene grow. When you book a villa in Perth, you can enjoy everything this city has to offer from a cosy rental that offers a satisfying break from the busy city. Villas here are spacious and packed with high-end luxuries like smart televisions and advanced kitchen appliances while still offering classic features like scenic views of the river and skyline from large balconies.

Booking quality Hunter Valley villas

On the opposite side of the country, you’ll find the Hunter Valley region on the eastern coast of New South Wales. This region is known primarily for its vineyards and wineries, though you can find towns both large and small throughout the area as well. When you book a villa in the area, you’ll be able to enjoy the vast vibrant landscapes on a more intimate level. Many Hunter Valley villas are relatively isolated from urban centres, so you can walk outside and be greeted with acres upon acres of vast landscape. Due to the region’s winemaking proclivity, many villa rentals feature complimentary bottles as well.

Top picks for villas in Australia

There are countless destinations all across Australia that can facilitate unforgettable holiday experiences. Villas are surprisingly varied with some having enough bedrooms for the whole family and others better fit for a couple’s retreat. Take a look at some of the top picks to get an idea of what villas in Australia are like.

Lakeside villa in Hunter Valley

If you’re interested in enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of one of the Hunter Valley villas, this lakeside accommodation is a premier choice. There are 2 bedrooms with enough room for 4 people to sleep comfortably, so it’s best suited for a small family or couple. It’s located by a winery, so delicious fresh wine and cheese are never too far away. A full kitchen is available, as are large windows offering scenic views of the local bushland.

Spacious and luxurious villa in Perth

For travellers looking to enjoy a villa in Perth, this one puts you conveniently close to a plethora of exciting attractions in the area. With 3 bedrooms, this villa has enough room for 6 people to sleep comfortably, so feel free to bring the whole family along. The open floor plan connects the kitchen and dining area to the living space, and the kitchen is outfitted with luxury appliances, cookware, glassware and cutlery. WiFi is provided, of course, and there is a washer and dryer with detergent provided for longer stays.