Relax and rejuvenate at your villa in Seminyak

Seminyak is a coastal paradise that is located on the west side of Denpasar City. At Seminyak, you can soak up as much of the beach and sun’s rays as you want and indulge in local cuisine and nightlife on the same holiday. A villa is a perfect accommodation because it’s your own house giving you the privacy you want and the luxury you crave. Many villas have amenities that make you feel right at home and can include staff, so you get to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy your holiday, rather than worrying about upkeep. Whether you’re looking for a quaint 1-bedroom suite or a 6-bedroom estate, Seminyak has a villa for all your needs.

2-bedroom Seminyak villas

One of the best ways to enjoy the amazing beaches and nightlife of Seminyak is from your very own villa. Depending on the size of your group, whether friends or family, a 2-bedroom villa might be perfect as your holiday accommodation. You could stay in a luxury villa that has a private pool and contemporary ambience, along with bathrooms with modern decor that include rich teak accents and a spa tub. You may prefer a 2-bedroom villa on the beach or one that is close to the downtown nightlife, but either way, you’ve got many options in Seminyak.

3-bedroom Seminyak villas

You could enjoy the accommodating beaches or rest in your secluded, luxury villa in Seminyak. Either way, you can have a 3-bedroom villa with the amenities you desire. Many villas sleep up to 7 and have private pools, some with lush botanical growth and bamboo-lined paths. Others have traditional Indonesian decor with stone statues, artistic touches and lounge chairs that sit near the private pool. If you’d love a 3-bedroom villa near the beach, you may like something that has a spacious outdoor seating area and an open floor design that leads from the indoors out to the private pool.

Seminyak 4-bedroom villas

A villa allows you to be relaxed and enjoy your Seminyak holiday. One popular spot where travellers like to stay nearby is Seminyak Square, a traditional Indonesian outdoor shopping plaza. Whether you plan to travel with a group or want privacy, a 4-bedroom villa might be your best bet. If you’re looking for the ultimate in privacy, some estates are walled and may also have a large pool along with an outdoor covered seating area and separate outdoor dining area. If you prefer to be within walking distance of the beach, there are several that have contemporary features to give you every comfort of home plus the feeling of a luxurious retreat.

1-bedroom villas in Seminyak

If you’re on a romantic couple’s retreat or a solo traveller experiencing all that Bali has to offer, a Seminyak 1-bedroom villa is an ideal choice. You could opt for a quaint villa that has traditional elements of Indonesian design and decor, along with a relaxing private pool and a blooming wall garden. You might consider a luxurious option for a romantic escape with a fully private yard, a small pool to cool off and modern amenities. If you’d like to be close to the nightlife, something more inland that is fully modernised and has a second storey to be able to experience the incredible views may be your choice.

5-bedroom Seminyak villas

The number of visitors is never an issue, as Seminyak has dozens of welcoming 5-bedroom villas. You can find villas with yards that resemble a tropical paradise with blooming botanical life and are tastefully decorated in the Indonesian style. A great option if you have a large family gathering or large group retreat is this 5-bedroom luxury villa that sleeps up to 16, has a huge pool, a hot tub and outdoor entertainment areas.

Seminyak villas with 6 bedrooms

Whether you want a private accommodation for 6 or a villa to fit as many guests as possible, Seminyak has a great selection of 6-bedroom villas. You can find everything from villas with private pools and perfectly manicured gardens to those with outdoor fire pits and seating areas with shaded gazebos. Closer to town, you might opt for a large accommodation that’s close to the shopping and nightlife, whether it’s an elegant contemporary home or a traditional Indonesian villa.