Generally, the drive from Melbourne to Sydney will take you around ten hours ... but who wants to hurry? The fishing opportunities between these two cities mean that you’ll want to take a few days, if not an entire week. Grab your rods, and let’s take a road trip to see what we can catch!

Depart Melbourne and head straight to Metung. This quaint village of 1000 is nestled on the peninsula between Bancroft Bay and Lake King, and is an excellent year-round fishing destination. Here, you’ll find plenty of bream throughout the year, and during the warmer months you’ll find King George whiting, tailor, snapper, trout, and flounder to name a few. Cooler months bring mullet and flatheads. While you’re visiting, consider taking a tour of a winery, or a sunset cruise.

A short drive away is Lakes Entrance, another favourite among fishing enthusiasts. There are plenty of tours to take you out where they’re biting, or you can cast your line from the shore. Keep up to date on what’s available, by checking out the Lakes Entrance Fishing Report.

Mallacoota is a paradise for anyone, whether or not they like to fish. This coastal jewel boasts quiet beaches and lakes as well as plenty of wildlife. If you fancy dropping a line, check out the Mallacoota and District Angling Club site for an idea of what you might find, and maybe some friendly competition!

Head out of Victoria, and enter New South Wales’ Sapphire Coast. You are now halfway to Sydney. Out here, you may forget about fishing as you become mesmerised by a killer whale. These magnificent creatures love to dance about in the water, now that the whaling industry, which operated out of Eden in the 1800s, has become extinct. Today, the townsfolk enjoy fishing instead, and each day a large fleet departs out of Snug Cove to catch the fish that will be processed and sold around Australia. If you fancy catching some for yourself, you’ll find plenty biting in the lakes, rivers, and ocean. Equally, continue along the coast to Merimbula for some more fun-filled fishing experiences.

Now we’ll travel along to New South Wales' South Coast, with the lovely coastal towns of Batemans BayUlladullaJervis Bay, and Nowra

Each town offers unique character and charm, as well as exciting fishing options. Batemans Bay is a large town, and home to several world and Australian game-fishing records. You’ll have no problem finding an experienced fishing tour operator to take you out.

Ulladulla is a firm favourite with fishermen and scuba divers alike. The wrecks at the bottom of the ocean floor make this an exciting place to visit, especially if you want to put your lines down for a while and observe the many fish swimming in and out of the sunken vessels.

Be sure to seek out the dolphins in Jervis Bay, and if you decide to take a break from fishing, you may find yourself in the water with them! This town is famous for its marlin, so if you want to try some really exciting sport fishing, be sure to book one of the experienced charter operators available. Nowra is just twenty minutes away, and worth checking out too.

It’s time to head out of the South Coast, and our next stop is just 90 minutes away from Sydney in Kiama. This is the last of our quaint fishing destinations, and home to plenty of marlin, tuna, kingfish, snapper and flathead, as well as many others. Once again, you’ll have no problem finding a willing fishing professional to take you out on the water, or you can rent a boat and launch from one of the five ramps.

It’s now time to head up to Sydney, but if you need another fishing fix, consider pulling into Wollongong for one last toss of your line. There are endless chartering opportunities here, and you’ll find this large town a very welcome place to ask expert fishing advice.

As you arrive in Sydney, it’s difficult not to be filled with a sense of awe. In just ten hours’ worth of driving, you may have encountered fishing experiences that few people in the world could ever fathom. And the good news is – it isn’t over yet. There’s still the trip back….