Save money with cheap accommodation in Hobart

If you’re looking for a fun, budget-friendly holiday, you should consider taking a trip to Hobart, the vibrant capital city of Tasmania. Not only does the city offer a variety of attractions that will make your holiday more enjoyable, but it also features an array of low-cost accommodation that will help you to save money on your trip. Whether you’re looking for an apartment within walking distance of the city’s top sites or you prefer a secluded cottage where you can kick back and relax, there’s a cheap accommodation in Hobart that provides the features that you need at the price that you want.

Kick back in Hobart holiday rentals

After you’ve arrived in your affordable holiday rental and unpacked, you can head out into Hobart to experience the best of the city. If you love shopping, for example, you should be sure to take a trip to the Salamanca Market, a bustling weekend market where you can browse goods from local vendors, including items handcrafted from Tasmanian timber.

Affordable homes with several bedrooms

The Hobart area offers countless inexpensive holiday homes where you can enjoy a trip with your family without breaking the bank. In addition to a great price, your holiday home will provide you with several bedrooms so that you and your kids can get the rest that you deserve, as well as access to a few family-friendly activities. For instance, if you’re looking for something fun and free to do on your trip, you can head over to nearby Mount Wellington, which soars thousands of feet into the sky and features a scenic lookout point where you can enjoy a panoramic view of blue waters.

Low-cost apartments in the city centre

If you’re visiting Hobart on business or for a solo holiday, you may enjoy staying in one of the city centre’s low-cost apartments. Because your apartment features an affordable price, you’ll have more money to spend on the various attractions available in the area. Wine enthusiasts can take a trip to the Moorilla winery and sample some of their finest vintages while touring the breathtaking collection of artwork in the partially subterranean MONA museum. If you prefer to spend your holidays in nature, you can visit the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens to see a myriad of historic plants relax with a drink in the cafe while taking in the lush scenery.

Budget-friendly cottages in a serene location

Staying in a Hobart cottage is an excellent decision if you want a cheap holiday where you can enjoy a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Your holiday cottage should provide a tranquil atmosphere, thanks to wide, open green spaces and clear blue skies for as far as the eye can see. Inside your rental, you’ll enjoy a number of convenient amenities, including a kitchenette that will allow you to self-cater your meals so that you can save even more on your holiday. When you’re ready for some fun, you can drive to the Cascade Brewery to sip a pint of cool, refreshing Tasmanian beer.

Check out cheap rentals in Hobart

You'll find a variety of cheap holiday accommodation available in Hobart, including many that provide world-class features. Simply consider your travel budget and your idea of a fun holiday, and you can easily select the letting that’s right for you.

Townhouse in the heart of Hobart

In this spacious, 4-bedroom family home in the heart of Hobart, you’ll enjoy a premier location and a bevvy of beautiful amenities. The house is just a short walk away from the Salamanca waterfront, meaning you can spend your entire holiday strolling along glittering waves, and the home is also near the Central Business District, making it an ideal spot for those travelling on business. The master bedroom features an adjoined deck where you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee in the fresh air, and the master bathroom offers a luxury spa where you can unwind at the end of the day.

Affordable luxury apartment

In this reasonably priced luxury apartment, you can enjoy one of the most comfortable holidays of your entire life. The apartment building is surrounded by 5-star restaurants and hip cafes, allowing you to enjoy a dinner out whenever you want. The apartment offers sleeping space for 4, making it ideal for a small family or 2 couples, and it features a variety of classic furnishings such as ceiling roses that will make your stay much more memorable. Modern conveniences, such as high-speed internet and high-definition television, are also available.