See the Australian capital with a pet-friendly accommodation in Canberra

The capital city of Australia is Canberra, and it's one of the most popular places to visit in the country. It's the 8th largest city in the country, and it's packed full of attractions that both you and your pet can enjoy. From walks in the city's various parks to strolls to local cafes and restaurants, there's virtually endless entertainment for you and your pup to experience. There are even pet-oriented festivals held in Canberra each year like Dogs Day Out at Floriade in October. With so many activities, it's easy to find pet-friendly accommodation suited for your desired holiday experience.

Where to book pet-friendly rentals in Canberra

To get the most out of rentals in Canberra, you need to make sure you book one in the right location. That means finding a place reasonably close to your favourite attractions in the city. If you're looking to embark on outdoor adventures with your pup, you may prefer something closer to the Molonglo River. Booking something closer to State Circle and Vernon Circle may be better if you're looking to enjoy a more urban-oriented experience while still being close to some vibrant green spaces.

Finding riverside Canberra rentals with pets allowed

For travellers who are looking for outdoor adventure, riverside Canberra rentals that allow pets may be exactly what you need. Along the river, you'll find a wide variety of park areas like Lennox Gardens and Stirling Park on the south side and Grevillea Park on the north side. Holiday rentals in this area come in different varieties from homes to apartments, but the best will offer scenic views of the water. You'll also find convenient access to modern amenities like a full kitchen and central heating and cooling.

Booking pet-friendly rentals in Canberra by the city centre

While parks may be what most associate with an adventure with your dog, there's much more in Canberra for them to enjoy than the green spaces. Many of the local boutiques and cafes are dog-friendly, and dogs are welcome on virtually all pedestrian paths throughout the city. Pet-friendly rentals in Canberra by the city centre are generally the same as their riverside counterparts except they don't focus on scenic views of the water. Instead, you'll find convenient access to public transportation and pedestrian paths.

Top picks for a pet-friendly accommodation in Canberra

Once you've decided where you want to book your pet-friendly accommodation, there are still a few more factors you must consider. Since you're bringing your pet along for your adventure, it's helpful if the rest of your trip is as easy as possible. You can get an idea of the typical amenities on offer in the city by looking at the most popular rentals. Here are a few of the top pet-friendly picks in Canberra.

Dog-friendly apartment in Canberra

Located along the Mount Ainslie Nature Reserve on the east side of town, this apartment is the perfect solution for travellers who want to bring their dog. Inside, you'll find 2 bedrooms with enough room for 3 people to sleep comfortably, so small families are welcome. The kitchen area features modern appliances along with utensils, crockery, and glasses. You'll even find some food basics and breakfast items in the pantry. The apartment is on the ground floor and features its own courtyard where your dog can roam free.

Pet-friendly house in Canberra

For a pet-friendly accommodation in Canberra a bit closer to the city centre, this house may be ideal. Located on the south side of the river, you'll find yourself close to quite a few major attractions like the zoo and arboretum. The house itself features 4 bedrooms with enough room for 8 people to sleep comfortably, so you can bring your whole family along in addition to your dog. It's also conveniently located next to a park and several walking paths.