Ideas for finding the perfect pet friendly holiday accommodation.

Pet-friendly holiday houses in Western Australia

Western Australia is the favourite place for people to go on holiday with pets because of the ease of travel and range of rural landscapes. Pet friendly holiday accommodation in Dunsborough and Jurien Bay are two of the highlights, mainly because of the great open areas for walking around.

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Pet-friendly holiday homes in Byron Bay

Bryon Bay's beaches and nature reserves are a haven for walking holidays, which are always more fun if you can take your dogs as they will enjoy the holiday as much as you will. Belongil Beach and parts of Tallows Beach are pet friendly and a great place to enjoy the sand between the feet, or paws.

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Gold Coast with pets

The huge range of entertainments and attractions for your family and plenty of space for your pets to roam makes Gold Coast a fantastic destination for holidays with pets. Plus the journey is not too long or stressful for your pets thanks to the central location of Gold Coast.

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Take your pets along for the ride

For many people animals are very much part of the family and it would be unheard of to leave them behind on holiday. The Petcare Information and Advisory Service (PIAS) agrees that it can be beneficial for both pets and people to enjoy a holiday together – particularly if it is for a longer period. Pets are very much a part of the Australian family, with over 53% of households having a dog and/or a cat. In the past it was common for cats and dogs to be sent to boarding kennels when the family went away on holiday, whereas people are now recognising that pets can adapt well to travel and there are increasing options for people wishing to take their four-legged friend on holiday,” says Susie Chaseling from PIAS. Finding pet-friendly accommodation has never been easier on Vrbo with thousands of holiday homes across Australia and Asia Pacific that accept dogs, cats, and other family pets. Just be sure to clarify with the property owner to work out all the details.