Find beachfront adventure with pet-friendly accommodation in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is one of the largest cities in Queensland and the largest non-capital city in the country. As the name would suggest, this city is primarily known for its beaches where you can find challenging and thrilling surfing opportunities. There are calmer beaches too, so bringing your pet on holiday can be worry free. Quality pet-friendly accommodation in Gold Coast is easy to come by, and with the area's mostly moderate weather, there's never a bad time to embark on an urban coastal adventure with your furry friend.

Where to book your Gold Coast dog-friendly accommodation

When you're looking for Gold Coast dog-friendly accommodation, you have to make sure you're staying in the best location for your desired holiday experience. Don't worry about availability impacting your decision, as there are pet-friendly accommodation options throughout both the beachfront and hinterland areas.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation by the Gold Coast beachfront

The beach is one of the primary attractions in Gold Coast for travellers with dogs and those without. A few of the major beaches in Gold Coast are pet-friendly, but the best-kept secret might be Tallebudgera Dog Beach. There, your dog is free to roam off-leash as long as you can keep vocal control. The Muriel Henchman Park Beach is also a dog-friendly portion of Main Beach. When you book pet-friendly accommodation by the Gold Coast beachfront, you can enjoy quite a few unique amenities. Some rentals are so close to the water that the waves can lull you to sleep at night while the sea air is there to greet you every morning. Many even include private yards where your dog can spend some time outside without leaving the property.

Booking pet-friendly accommodation in the Gold Coast hinterland

On the west side of town, you'll find the hinterland area. This is where you'll find a wide range of natural features such as parks, rainforests, mountains and caves to explore. You can take your furry friend along with you through the collection of walking trails to reach scenic overlooks such as Purling Brook Falls. Pet-friendly accommodation in the hinterland tends to be more secluded than the beachfront options, which can mean bigger yards for your dog to run around in. Rentals by the hinterland are also a bit more spacious inside, so you can bring your whole family along.

Top picks for dog-friendly accommodation in Gold Coast

Even after you've settled on the best location to book your dog-friendly accommodation, there are still a few considerations you have to take into account. You need to make sure that whatever rental you opt for can offer the amenities you need. To discover which amenities are typical for the area, simply take a look at the most popular properties. Not only can you get an idea of what kind of features come with local rentals, but you just might find the property perfectly suited for your desired holiday experience.

Waterfront villa accommodation

If you're looking for pet-friendly accommodation in Gold Coast by the water, this villa is located right along the Nerang River. With 2 bedrooms and room for 5, you can even bring your family along for the trip in addition to your pet. The river is right in the backyard, but the beach itself is just a short walk away. Inside the villa, you'll find a full kitchen and an outdoor deck that's completely enclosed where you can allow your dog to run free. There's even a dog-friendly park that's just a few steps from the home.

Mountain view accommodation

For a more hinterland-oriented holiday experience, this pet-friendly, high-end house puts you in the middle of the Australian bush with vibrant flora in virtually all directions complete with stunning views of mountains in the distance. There are numerous amenities including a tennis court and spa area. Even your pet gets pampered as there's a fully fenced entertainment area along with a special bed provided for your dog.