Enjoy pet-friendly accommodation in Margaret River

Margaret River is located just south of Perth. This small town is known far and wide for being a vital part of Australia's wine country and for its craft breweries, boutique shopping and white- and gold-sand beaches that line the coast and are frequented by surfers. Here you can see historic lighthouses, go whale watching and even explore genuine limestone caves. From family adventures to refined romantic meals for 2, pet-friendly accommodation in Margaret River sets you up for a wonder-filled holiday travel experience.

Family adventures beckon from dog-friendly Margaret River rentals

For families on holiday, you'll find everything you need for a memorable travel experience just a few minutes' walk or drive from your dog-friendly Margaret River rentals. Your kids will love the chance to explore genuine cave complexes, and the entire family will get a thrill from traversing one of the largest hedge mazes you'll ever see. You can do some shopping at the Margaret River Farmers Market or relax on any of the local beaches. For families on vacation, Margaret River has a great deal to offer.

Visit Amaze'n' botanical garden for a maze of family adventure

Amaze'n' Margaret River is a scenic spot and parkland where you and your family can spend an entire afternoon exploring, enjoying nature and walking amongst butterfly-laden trails before or after playing 18 holes of fun and challenging miniature golf. This park and botanical garden features immaculate beds of landscaped flowers and one of the largest hedge mazes you'll ever see, covering half a hectare in size. After you get through the hedge maze, you can relax while watching butterflies or even enjoy a meal at the on-site cafe. It's just around the corner from your pet-friendly Margaret River accommodation.

Experience an underground lake in a vast cavern at Lake Cave

Your whole family will thrill at the sight of a vast limestone cave complex that you can explore with guided tours. The centrepiece of this cavern is a large underground lake that's surrounded by stunningly beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations. It's an exceptionally rare combination of geological features found not far from the Lake Margaret town centre, and it includes other attractions, such as the suspended table, a spectacular crystal formation suspended from the ceiling, just inches from the lake waters. It truly is a subterranean wonderland that will delight the entire family.

Discover a genuine silk farm at Margaret River Silk Road

Margaret River Silk Road is a unique experience that kids will love. It's among the only genuine silk farms in the entire area. The attraction grows mulberries and cultivates silkworms, and it offers educational experiences about the lifecycle of a silkworm alongside tastings of mulberry jam. You can also explore a mulberry tree hothouse and relax in the cafe for coffee, tea or a light meal. In the showroom and gift shop, you can purchase locally made silk products while enjoying exhibits dedicated to the process of making silk.

Check out Australia's wine country at local wineries

Of course, Margaret River is near the heart of one of Australia's wine countries, and after you settle into your pet-friendly accommodation in Margaret River, you'll want to experience the best the region has to offer. You can visit places like the Voyager Estate for tastings or the Leeuwin Estate for pairings and an art gallery. The Cape Mentelle Vineyards draw many from across the region for their guided tours of the winery and serene court. The biggest challenge you'll have is deciding which wineries to visit.

Visit Happs Winery Margaret River for a variety of styles

Happs Margaret River is known for its eclectic approach to winemaking. While many local wineries specialize in up to a couple of styles, Happs offers a wide variety of wines, flying in the face of convention and tradition. They consider themselves a brand for the people and seek to create a wine to match any palate, so even if you aren't a big wine drinker, they'll try to find something you'll love. The location also includes its own pottery studio, workshop and gallery that you can visit to purchase handicrafts from local artisans.

Try food pairings and a refined atmosphere at Xanadu Winery

If you're looking for a sit-down, refined experience with outstanding food and wine pairings, Xanadu Winery is just a few minutes away from your pet-friendly accommodation in Margaret River. This establishment was among the pioneering wineries of the region and offers tastings and food pairings of award-winning wines with gourmet meals that use locally grown and sourced ingredients prepared with the utmost care. Couples on a romantic getaway will love the atmosphere, ambience and high quality of food and wine found at this fine local establishment.