Find adventure and culture with pet-friendly accommodation in Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria as well as the cultural capital of all of Australia. Its sheer diversity is reason enough to visit, but you'll also find a variety of natural features like parks and beaches here as well. The city is notably welcoming to dogs, so finding pet-friendly accommodation in Melbourne is easier than ever. Thanks to the comfortable temperatures all year long, you and your furry friend can easily fit a holiday around your schedule.

Where to book pet-friendly rentals in Melbourne

When it comes to finding premier pet-friendly rentals in Melbourne, location can be a major factor in the overall quality of your experience. Just about every rental has something special to offer, but without proximity to your favourite attractions, your holiday will never be as good as it could be. Whether you're looking for something by the city centre, parks or beaches, pet-friendly accommodation options are readily available.

Dog-friendly accommodation in the Melbourne city centre

Booking dog-friendly accommodation in Melbourne by the city centre will put you right in the heart of the action. While you'll mostly find restaurants and shops in this area, a fair amount of those destinations are pet-friendly. In fact, some cafes have dog treats on hand to share with your furry friend. You'll even find dog-friendly events like the Royal Melbourne All Breeds Championship Show and the Great Global Greyhound Walk you can partake in. Holiday rentals by the city centre are typically apartments, but searching for pet-friendly options will reveal a lot more houses and cottages. Fortunately, accommodation options come in various sizes.

Booking dog accommodation in Melbourne by the parks

A dog can certainly have a blast in the city, but the park is much more open and free for your furry companion. Melbourne is absolutely full of parks, with many being specifically dog-friendly like Caulfield Dog Park and Edinburgh Gardens, both of which have off-leash areas. You may also want to take your pet to the beach. With options like St Kilda Dog Beach and Altona Dog Beach, Melbourne has numerous options when it comes to dog-friendly fun in the sun. Holiday homes in these areas tend to be more relaxed, as houses and cottages are more common. Private yards are fairly standard, so your dog can have some space to move around without leaving the property.

Top picks for pet-friendly rentals in Melbourne

Location is just one factor when it comes to finding the best pet-friendly rentals in Melbourne. You also have to consider what kind of amenities you want to be included. Before you dive into your search, however, it might be best to look at some of the area's top rentals. Even if you don't find one suitable for your desired holiday experience, you still can determine what kind of amenities are typically included in the average rental for the area.

Melbourne centrally located pet-friendly accommodation

Located just a few minutes' walk from some of the top city attractions, this centrally located apartment is a popular option for pet owners looking to explore Melbourne. It's newly designed, so its 2 bedrooms with room for 4 people and full kitchen area are decked out with modern stylings. You'll even find a finished balcony area from which you can overlook the city and the Yarra River. A washer and dryer are included as well.

Pet-friendly riverside apartment in Melbourne

For travellers looking to be close to the water, this riverside apartment is one of the premier options for pet-friendly accommodation in Melbourne. It features a single bedroom with room for 3 thanks to the pullout couch, so it's best used as a couple's retreat. Located next to the Yarra River, this property is near dog-friendly restaurants in Southbank, and the beach isn't too far to the south, either. Inside the apartment, you'll find a fully equipped kitchen and central heating and cooling. Just keep in mind that only small dogs are allowed here.