Have an adventure in pet-friendly Port Macquarie accommodation

Travellers looking for a memorable experience along the New South Wales coast will find everything they want in the town of Port Macquarie. Whether your goal is to go for a long walk at sunset along the beach with your special someone and your furry 4-legged family member, tour one of the many historic sites in the region or enjoy a serene round of golf on an immaculate course, you'll find it here. Your adventure in New South Wales begins with pet-friendly accommodation near Port Macquarie.

Enjoy golf courses near Port Macquarie accommodation

Australia is a golfer's haven, with many championship golf courses dotting the country far and wide, and Port Macquarie is no exception. You can shoot 18 holes on immaculately maintained fairways and greens, as well as find courses of varying difficulty to meet any level of skill or experience. Families who aren't into traditional golf will find a lot of fun at a putt-putt mini-golf course. Whatever the case, there's a good chance a great course is just minutes from your dog-friendly accommodation in Port Macquarie.

Play a round of golf at Port Macquarie Golf Course

Port Macquarie Golf Course is a favourite destination for both visitors and locals. The course itself has a storied history, with the club being established in the early 20th century. It has expanded and seen redesigns since then, from its original 6 holes to 11, and finally to the full 18 holes at the location it occupies today. The course is open to the public and also hosts a number of tournaments. You'll also find a clubhouse and restaurant to enjoy so you can relax after your game with a meal and drinks.

A round of putt-putt is ideal for a family-fun afternoon

If traditional golf isn't your family's style, there aren't many more fun ways to spend an afternoon than with a round of 27 holes of putt-putt mini-golf. Hydro Golf & Putt Putt is among the leading attractions in Port Macquarie, offering miniature-golf challenges that run through a water setting. Many floating targets present challenges that allow you to attempt shots for prizes including dinner vouchers and river cruises. It's located on Boundary Street, just minutes away from Port Macquarie pet-friendly holiday rentals.

History and adventure beckon from the heart of Port Macquarie

Pet-friendly accommodation in Port Macquarie also gives you access to some intense history and heritage locations. You can visit the 1879 Tacking Point Lighthouse, a scenic cottage and cement lighthouse on a rocky headland. The Mid North Coast Maritime Museum traces the nautical history of the region over a century. The Port Macquarie Surf Museum looks at the history of this sport, while art enthusiasts will enjoy the Hastings Fine Art Gallery, which offers historic and contemporary art exhibits. All these options and more are available for history buffs visiting this town.

Visit the Port Macquarie Museum from pet-friendly rentals

Pet-friendly accommodation in Port Macquarie puts you near the heart of the region's natural history at the Port Macquarie Museum. This museum contains exhibits tracking the settlement's history from its humble origins as an 1821 penal colony all the way through the present day as a vibrant regional and cultural centre. The museum offers 14 different galleries, each with a specific theme, and displays are updated on a regular basis. The museum offers both permanent and temporary exhibits. Guided tours are available, as is a free audio guide.

See the markers at Port Macquarie's historic cemetery

The Port Macquarie Historic Cemetery, also known as Kooloonbung Creek, is another doorway into the past that dates back to the 1821 origins of the town. Though the cemetery itself has long since closed, it is now a historic landmark where you can enjoy shady trees, experience well-tended gardens and view centuries-old tombstones. Some of these tombstones are showing signs of age and wear, but the cemetery is host to a monument that lists the names of every known inhabitant as well as others who are believed to rest here.