Pet-friendly accommodation in QLD offers a wealth of adventure

There are tons of options for holiday rentals, including those that are ideal for people with dogs visiting Queensland. A wondrous travel adventure awaits just steps from your pet-friendly holiday rental. The Great Barrier Reef sits just offshore and hosts literally thousands of marine animal species. It's also home to a number of vibrant cities like the capital of Brisbane, which offers the trendiest cafes, restaurants, shopping and nightlife. The options for exploration and adventure available in Queensland are nearly endless, and it all starts with your pet-friendly accommodation.

Live entertainment and wild nightlife await in Queensland

If you're looking for quirky, trendy and unique nightlife, Queensland has a great deal to offer. From comedy-horror themed cabarets to live performance venues, art galleries and restaurants. Whether you're looking for boutique or big-box shopping opportunities, or you want to party the night away, there are plenty of clubs, shops and more to experience in Queensland. Many of these may be pet-friendly or can be just a few minutes' walk from your pet-friendly accommodation in QLD. This region can be the key to excitement, adventure, fun and lifelong memories.

Horror themed nightlife abounds at Dracula's

If you're looking for a baroque and unique blend of comedy and horror with a vampire theme, you'll want to take a trip to Dracula's in Broadbeach, QLD. This world-class restaurant, bar and after-dark cabaret offers an experience that's truly unique, offering everything from vaudeville-style acts to a more subversive horror atmosphere, all of it steeped in dark humour. It's definitely an adults-only experience that combines live rock music, dark mime, aerial trance acts, burlesque shows and crazy comedy that's completely wild and unrestrained. It's a great opportunity to get out and let go.

Visit the bars, clubs and restaurants in Brisbane

As the capital of Queensland, Brisbane is a cultural centre for the region. This metropolis offers outstanding entertainment and nightlife. Here you can find historic and modern art galleries, boutique shopping and fine dining. Just a few of the major attractions include the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts and a thriving music scene for punk, indie, electronica, metal, noise rock and post-punk music. There are vibrant bars and clubs on every block, many of which are a short walk from accommodation friendly to dogs in QLD.

Have a waterfront adventure along QLD beaches

Queensland beaches and island adventures offer a whole world of unique excitement and relaxation. Those who are looking for pet-friendly accommodation will find that these kinds of adventures can be ideal as very often they allow you to bring your 4-legged furry family members along on your excursions. While bars and clubs may be questionable venues for pets, beaches and islands are often quite welcoming. You'll still want to check local regulations, but a sunset walk along the beach with your dog can be an outstanding experience.

Go snorkelling alongside sea life at the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is just off the Queensland shore and is considered part of the state. It's the largest coral reef system in the world and is comprised of over 2,900 individual coral reefs, plus 900 islands that stretch for over 2,300 kilometres. It supports thousands of species of diverse marine animal life and is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. A snorkelling excursion in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park can give you access to a whole breathtaking undersea world that is as beautiful as it is alien.

Have a freshwater beach experience at Fraser Island

Fraser Island is located just off the eastern coast of Queensland, just a short ferry ride from your dog-friendly accommodation. It offers a completely different beach experience on one of the world's largest sand islands at over 120 kilometres across. Here you can experience panoramic views from Indian Head, the easternmost rocky outcropping, or relax and enjoy a beach and swimming experience alongside freshwater pools like Lake McKenzie and Lake Wabby. Here you can relax with your dog or go camping for a night under the stars.

Take a day trip among the Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsunday Islands make for a stunning day trip. There are 74 of these land masses, which form a part of the Great Barrier Reef. Most are uninhabited and offer dense stretches of rain forest crisscrossed with hiking trails, and there are beaches with endless stretches of soft, white sand. Your most immediate access to these islands is from your dog-friendly accommodation in Airlie Beach, the mainland central hub for ferry trips. You can enjoy lush green foliage, view natural wildlife and relax in the sun and sand with your dog right at your side.