Pet-friendly Tasmanian accommodation for a great holiday

For a holiday filled with adventure and excitement, you can travel to the beautiful Australian island of Tasmania. Tasmania is a popular holiday destination for the mild climate, beaches, mountains, rain forests and river valleys. The natural beauty of Tasmania is diverse and breathtaking, and the cities and maritime heritage make this incredible island more enjoyable. Bay of Fires is a unique beach which has orange rocks and crystal clear water. If you prefer the shopping and dining of a modern city centre, you could meander through the vendors of the Salamanca Market. Whatever type of holiday adventure or relaxation you prefer, whether on the coast or in the inland bush, you can find ideal pet-friendly accommodation for you and the entire family.

Finding the right pet-friendly accommodation

You can find perfect pet-friendly accommodation in Tasmania by determining what sites and activities you would most like to enjoy on your holiday. There are hundreds of choices that will suit you and your pets nicely, whether you like the sound of a beach bungalow, luxury villa, quaint cottage, convenient apartment or holiday house. Each style of accommodation has unique advantages and all are great for making the most of a Tasmanian holiday. If you would like to explore the lush outback of Western Tasmania, you could get a country house near Strahan with open yard space for your pet to run and play.

Enjoyable Hobart accommodation

Your holiday is more enjoyable when you can bring along your pets and furry family members. Hobart is a southeast Tasmanian city with amazing natural attractions like Mount Wellington where you can take in the entire region from this elevated scenic view, or you can be dazzled by the unbelievable beauty of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. Whether you would prefer a pet-friendly house in the bush or a beach cottage that's just a few metres from the water's edge, Hobart has the perfect accommodation for you and your pets.

Coles Bay pet-friendly letting

If you want a glamorous holiday relaxing on the beach, snorkelling with vibrant marine life and enjoying scenic overlooks, then Coles Bay is the right spot for you. Coles Bay is on the eastern coast of Tasmania next to Swansea and Dolphin Sands. With a pet-friendly letting in Coles Bay, you could take your dog for a walk along the beaches of Freycinet National Park. Coles Bay accommodation may have scenic coastal or mountainous countryside views. You can enjoy a lovely cottage that has a large front garden area to walk your pet and a cosy environment with a wood-burning stove that allows you to experience a relaxed holiday with comfortable amenities.

Pet-friendly Launceston stay

You can enjoy a pet-friendly Launceston stay for an ideal holiday. Launceston is an inland town in northern Tasmania with immense natural beauty seen in sites like Cataract Gorge and City Park with its entertaining monkey enclosure. Launceston is also popular because the Tasmania Zoo is a short distance west of this beautiful riverside city. Launceston has accommodation that allows the furry members of your family to feel as comfortable as you do in your holiday house or apartment.

A desirable Devonport lodging

Devonport is a coastal town at the edge of the Bass Strait in northern Tasmania. As it is the largest city in Tasmania, it's a popular holiday spot to experience the history and culture of the island. One of the most fun ways to tour the region is the Devonport Ferry Terminal. You can explore the Mersey River and other natural areas around Devonport from your pet-friendly accommodation. You could stroll around the historic town to learn more about the maritime heritage before coming back to enjoy peaceful coastal accommodation. One quaint studio in Devonport has a fenced-in garden area that would be perfect for your furry companion.