Journey through the Garden State with your furry friend in pet-friendly accommodation in Victoria

Victoria is the southernmost mainland state in Australia, and despite its small size, is packed full of adventure you and your pet can enjoy. With expansive natural environments and bustling cityscapes, all sorts of travellers can find something to keep themselves entertained, and the sheer abundance of options for pet-friendly accommodation in Victoria makes it easier than ever. You'll find apartments, houses, cabins and villas available whether you're looking to relax at the beach, sleep in the city or get away from it all in nature. Thanks to the area's friendly climate, you can enjoy its wonders all year long.

Where to book your dog-friendly accommodation in Victoria

The first step into making your holiday adventure the best it can be is to find accommodation in Victoria that works for your desired holiday experience. One of the most important factors in any rental is location, and you'll have many options. Whether you're looking for something in the city or something a bit further out, you can find something suitable for the whole family and your pup.

Booking urban dog-friendly holidays

Victoria is home to quite a few cities and towns, though Melbourne is probably the most famous. Within these cities, you'll find a collection of parks and walking paths you and your pup can enjoy. There are even some chic cafes and shops that are pet-friendly. Head to the right one, and your dog may even be greeted with a complimentary treat. Book dog-friendly holidays in the city, and you can expect more options for apartment rentals than anything else. Apartments aren't typically pet-friendly, but there are more rentals that allow dogs than you might think, including a select few houses and cottages with a yard for your pup.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation by natural features

For travellers looking to enjoy some outdoor adventures, there are quite a few destinations in Victoria that can work for you and your pet. With an expansive coastline, you can take to the water with your dog at one of the local pet-friendly beaches. Marengo Beach near Apollo Bay is a popular destination for dogs along with Royal Beach and Bells Beach. Just make sure you check which seasons the beaches allow dogs. For a more rugged experience in nature, you can head towards protected land such as You Yangs Regional Park, where you'll find volcanic landscapes. For something more traditionally scenic, you and your pup can stop by Hepburn Regional Park where you'll find natural springs. Booking accommodation by any of these natural features typically involves a rental with large windows and a large patio or balcony. While it works to connect you to the surrounding nature, you can still enjoy modern amenities like central heating and cooling and WiFi in many cases.

Top picks for pet-friendly accommodation in Victoria

When you're looking for accommodation, you have to consider much more than location. Your ideal rental also needs to be outfitted with the necessary amenities to make your holiday experience absolutely unforgettable. To get an idea of what amenities are typically on offer, take a look at the top picks for the state. You may even find the perfect solution for your desired holiday experience among Victoria's top picks.

Dog-friendly ocean retreat

If you're looking to bring your pet, your family and then some to the beach, this oceanside retreat may be the perfect rental. This house is massive with 6 bedrooms and room enough for 19 people to sleep comfortably. It's located directly on Rye Ocean Beach, so the shore is just mere steps away. Despite that, you'll still have access to a private pool and a hot tub. Inside, you'll find a fully equipped modern kitchen and a home theatre system.

Pet-friendly Melbourne apartment

Located within Melbourne's city centre, this pet-friendly accommodation in Victoria can give you and your pup a taste of life in the big city. With its 2 bedrooms, there's more than enough space for a small family of up to 5 to stay. This apartment rests on the 53rd floor, so you can enjoy scenic views of the city as the Melbourne skyline fills the massive windows. You'll also find a spa bath within this apartment for that extra bit of relaxation, though it's best suited for smaller dogs.