Venture through the Golden State with your furry friend from pet-friendly accommodation in WA

On the far western side of Australia, you'll find the state appropriately named Western Australia. While most people think of the eastern coastal cities when they imagine a holiday in Australia, its western region has some truly impressive attractions in its own right. Not only will you find bustling cities, but the natural landscapes are unlike anything else you'll find in the country. If you're looking to take your dog on the adventure with you, finding a pet-friendly accommodation should be your first step. With so many options to choose from, you can find quality rentals no matter what kind of attractions you're interested in. Just make sure you prepare for the heat if you're travelling in the summer, though most rentals have air conditioning.

Where to book your dog-friendly accommodation in Western Australia

The first step to making your holiday the best it can be is finding dog-friendly accommodation in WA that works for your desired holiday experience and is close to your favoured attractions. Whether you're looking to stay in the city or venture out into the countryside, you'll find numerous options available that both you and your pup can enjoy.

Booking an urban pet-friendly accommodation

When you think of urban areas in Western Australia, one of the first that probably comes to mind is Perth. This massive city is full of exciting attractions including many for your pup to enjoy. Like its eastern counterparts, Perth is remarkably dog-friendly with many parks and walking paths to stroll through. You'll also find cafes, shops and even beer gardens that are pet-friendly. Some go so far as to offer treats for any furry companions that walk in. Booking an urban pet-friendly accommodation in WA typically means finding an apartment, but there are some houses and cottages available. Most urban pet-friendly apartments are located next to parks.

Finding a dog-friendly accommodation in WA in the countryside

If you're more interested in exploring the Western Australian countryside, you'll find no shortage of things to do. You and your pup can explore pristine shores like Lowlands Beach or Lights Beach. Just keep in mind that many of the beaches aren't dog-friendly, so be sure to check for signage if you explore any others. Further inland, you'll find a variety of natural features including The Pinnacles, which are a collection of limestone spires. Karijini National Park is also a popular spot for travellers looking to enjoy gorges, waterfalls and rock tunnels. Accommodation around these spots will generally be more secluded with large patios to intimately connect you to the surrounding nature. Additionally, you'll find a bit of land on the property for your dog to run around.

Top picks for a pet-friendly accommodation in WA

Even after you've decided where you want to book your accommodation, you have to consider which amenities you need and which you may be able to live without. To discover what kind of amenities are common for this state, it's helpful to take a look at the most popular rentals in the area. You may even find one that perfectly suits your desired holiday experience.

Dog-friendly modern apartment

If you're looking to spend some time in Perth, this modern apartment may be one of the top options for dog-friendly accommodation. It features 3 bedrooms with room enough for 9 people, so the whole family can sleep comfortably. It's notably contemporary in design, and it features a fully equipped kitchen and a lounge area featuring a large television. Even towels and linens are provided for you.

Pet-friendly beach cottage

For travellers looking for some fun in the sun with their pup, this beach cottage may be fitting. It's fairly spacious for a modest pet-friendly accommodation with 2 bedrooms and room enough for 5 people to sleep comfortably. Lowlands Beach is located nearby, but the cottage itself is fairly secluded with quite a bit of rural land surrounding it. The kitchen is fully equipped, and a washer and dryer are on the premises, which are useful for long term stays. With the large patio area, you and your pup can enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the property.