Explore the top destinations for pets in QLD with pet-friendly accommodation in Noosa and beyond

Queensland is one of the largest and most popular states in all of Australia, and it has much to offer to a wide variety of travellers. Kids and adults alike can find plenty to do, but the Sunshine State is also extremely pet-friendly and provides much for travellers with dogs to see and do. Finding pet-friendly accommodation in Noosa and beyond is easy, so you can find something suitable for your desired holiday experience whether you're looking on the coast or further inland.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation in Noosa on the coast

You'll find extensive coastline in Queensland, and just about every inch of it has something special to offer. Whether you're looking to stay in a coastal city or a quieter community where you can relax by the waves, you'll find an abundance of pet-friendly rental options where your family and your pet can feel at home.

Booking dog-friendly accommodation in Noosa

The Noosa region by the southern border of Queensland is a popular destination for travellers looking for some fun in the sun with their pup. Kilometres of beaches line the eastern side of the area where you can find towns like Noosa Heads and Sunrise Beach. The local beaches are primarily known for their surfing, but there are calmer waters where you and your dog can venture out in a boat. There are also several scenic trails by the beach you and your pup can walk along. Finding dog-friendly accommodation in Noosa is easy as there are rentals of all sizes available, like this beach house that features 3 distinct outside areas for your dog and provides enough room for 10 people to sleep comfortably.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation in Brisbane

For a more urban experience, you can search for pet-friendly accommodation in Brisbane. This is the capital city of Queensland and one of the oldest cities in Australia. Not only can you and your pup spend time by the shore in town, but many of the local restaurants and cafes are dog-friendly. You may even find some cafes that have dog treats on hand that they're more than happy to share with your furry friend. While most pet-friendly rentals feature some outdoor spaces, that's less common in the city. In general, pet-friendly accommodation in Brisbane is going to be an apartment, but you can often find yourself just steps away from a park.

Where to book pet-friendly inland rentals

Much of Queensland's population and communities are situated at the coast, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to be experienced further inland. In fact, you'll find quite a few interesting places away from the beach featuring parks and other natural features where you and your dog can roam. Holiday homes in the area tend to be more secluded with a lot more land on the property for your dog to explore freely.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation in Goondiwindi

Around Queensland's southern border, you'll find the small town of Goondiwindi. This historic town has much to offer your pup in terms of fun including several walking paths through local parks and other natural areas like Boobera Lagoon. Not only is the area vibrant enough to warrant a walk around the entire region, but you can venture out onto the water in a boat with your dog. Pet-friendly accommodation in Goondiwindi can take many forms, but even rentals closer to the town centre tend to be fairly spacious, so you can also bring your whole family along. Many homes have some private land, but you'll find more of that available the further you're away from the town centre.

Booking pet-friendly accommodation in Toowoomba

Known as the Garden City, Toowoomba may be among the most vibrant and green towns in all of Queensland. Green spaces and flora are scattered throughout town, especially during the annual Carnival of Flowers. Both people and dogs are invited to explore the vibrant greenery, but the nearby Great Dividing Range is also a popular destination for outdoor adventurers. As one of the most popular inland cities in Australia, you can find a wide variety of rentals here. The average pet-friendly accommodation in Toowoomba tends to feature amenities like a full kitchen and WiFi with both apartments and houses available in equal measure.