Finding the top destinations for pets in NSW with pet-friendly accommodation in Dubbo and beyond

The state of New South Wales is one of the most popular regions in all of Australia. If you're looking to find adventure with your furry friend, you'll find virtually endless opportunity in The Premier State, so it comes down to the type of adventure you're looking to experience. With family-friendly fun, urban centres and outdoor excursions all available in equal measure, it's easy to embark on an unforgettable adventure with your pup, thanks to the abundance of options for pet-friendly accommodation in Dubbo and beyond. This state features a friendly climate as well, so you can enjoy everything it has to offer all year long.

Finding dog-friendly accommodation by Dubbo and other inland areas

New South Wales is far from the biggest Australian state, but it still holds much land to explore. The inland areas are home to a variety of experiences, from quaint towns to sprawling landscapes. The communities are just as pet-friendly as any natural hiking path, so you and your pup will feel welcome wherever you go. Even the available holiday rentals are often notably pet-friendly, so you have the freedom to choose between small retreats for couples to full-size houses for families.

Booking pet-friendly accommodation in Dubbo

While there are numerous towns you can visit throughout the inland area of New South Wales, Dubbo is among the most popular. This is thanks to the sheer amount of attractions you can enjoy there. It's most widely known for the open-range Taronga Western Plains Zoo, where you can find exotic animals like rhinos, lemurs, zebras and numerous other endangered species. If you're looking to venture with your pet though, you can enjoy a range of dog-friendly shopping centres and cafes in addition to local walking paths. Pet-friendly accommodation in Dubbo can come in various shapes and sizes, but it'll be easier to find an apartment here compared to more rural areas. Numerous houses and cottages are available as well, like this historic 19th-century house with a single bedroom that's perfect for couples.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation in the Blue Mountains

If you're looking to embark on outdoor adventures with your pup, a trip to the Blue Mountains may be one of the best options. These mountains were named for a unique plant that grows among the range's peaks and valleys. It gives off a harmless chemical that makes the air have a blue tint, and the mountains are consequently covered with this haze. With numerous hiking trails and lookout points, both you and your dog can easily find an unforgettable adventure. Pet-friendly accommodation in the Blue Mountains tends to be more secluded than its counterparts closer to communities. You'll typically find a bit of land on the property, including a spot where your dog can run around freely in pet-friendly rentals.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation in Jervis Bay and other coastal destinations

While the inland area of New South Wales certainly has much to offer, you'll also find a fair amount of adventure in the coastal areas. The entire eastern edge of the state is all shoreline, and it's home to some of the most famous beaches in the world. Fortunately, much of that area is dog-friendly as well, so both you and your 4-legged companion can enjoy the waves and soft sands. You'll find no shortage of holiday homes available here, so finding pet-friendly accommodation in Jervis Bay and beyond is easier than ever.

Booking pet-friendly accommodation in Jervis Bay

For a quiet and relaxing beachfront experience, consider venturing to Jervis Bay. It's just a small village, and it's known as having some of the whitest sand in the world. Fishing is popular at the shore, but if you're looking for aquatic activities to do with your dog, you can take to the waters in a kayak. As you're walking your dog along the coast, you may also be able to spot whales and dolphins in the distance. As a relatively small community, pet-friendly accommodation in Jervis Bay tends to be more on the modest side, but you can still find spacious rentals with modern amenities like WiFi, a full kitchen and central heating and cooling.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation in Wollongong

If you're more interested in larger coastal communities, the city of Wollongong, popular for its proximity to Sydney, has much to do for all kinds of travellers. The area is home to 17 beaches, and several are dog-friendly. Aside from the shore, you can also visit the local botanic gardens and wildlife park. Pet-friendly accommodation in Wollongong can be a bit more on the luxurious side and put you just steps away from the beach. Fortunately, most pet-friendly options have a bit of yard space, so your dog can run around without leaving the property.