Explore the Garden State with your dog in pet-friendly VIC accommodation

Victoria is the smallest state on the Australian mainland, but it's packed full of adventures that both you and your dog can enjoy. With its breathtaking coastline and scenic natural features farther inland, you can experience virtually endless adventures no matter what you're interested in. Finding quality pet-friendly VIC accommodation is easy as well, considering the sheer number of options. Whether you're travelling alone with your dog or you've got the entire family with you, finding the right amount of space with the best amenities is just a matter of knowing what kind of experience you want.

Booking pet-friendly Victoria accommodation by the coast

Along the coast of Victoria, you'll find an extensive collection of cities and towns with sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. While the Bass Strait tends to keep the waves calmer, you can still find a few surfing spots along the coast. The calmer waters, however, make it easy to enjoy the beach with your dog, whether you're looking to go for a swim or venture out in a kayak. The options for pet-friendly accommodation in Victoria can put you just steps away from the water, so your holiday can feature a beach virtually in your backyard.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation on Phillip Island

On the southern side of Phillip Bay lies the appropriately named Phillip Island. Connected to the mainland by a single bridge to San Remo, this island is a unique location in Victoria. Take your dog to Phillip Island Nature Park, and you can get a rare glimpse of little penguins. Phillip Island is one of the few places in the world where you can see this exotic species. Additionally, you'll find dog-friendly beaches and walking paths throughout the area. Pet-friendly accommodation in Phillip Island tends to be closer to the shore, with some rentals close enough that you can hear the waves at night and smell the sea air in the morning. Pet-friendly rentals tend to come with a bit of land as well to give your dog some outside space.

Booking pet-friendly accommodation in Geelong

If you're looking for a more urban experience on the coast, consider booking pet-friendly accommodation in Geelong. This city is the second-largest in all of Victoria after the capital and is packed full of fun things to do. You and your dog can venture out on a boat from the port or stay in town and chow down at one of the local restaurants, many of which are dog-friendly. Of course, there are beaches and parks available as well. Local holiday rentals are just as varied as the activities, as you can book apartments and houses alike. Either way, you can expect quality amenities like a full kitchen and central heating and cooling. Many locations even have some outside space for your pup.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation farther inland

If you want a more-secluded stay or just aren't a fan of the beach, Victoria has plenty to offer travellers farther inland. You'll find expansive cities and stunning natural features to explore with your dog for an unforgettable holiday experience. Plus, booking pet-friendly Victoria accommodation farther inland typically means a more-isolated and spacious rental with a lot of land for your pup to roam.

Booking pet-friendly accommodation in Ballarat

Along the banks of the Yarrowee River, you'll find the city of Ballarat, the largest of its kind away from the coast. While its initial growth stemmed from the Victorian Gold Rush, it has since grown to be a memorable place to visit thanks to its historical landmarks and annual events. The Ballarat Begonia Festival is popular among travellers with dogs, as many of the market stalls offer dog treats and accessories. Booking pet-friendly accommodation in Ballarat means picking from a wide variety of options. You'll find a few apartments available, but most pet-friendly rentals are houses or cottages. Generally, more pet-friendly rentals become available the closer you get to Lake Wendouree. One example would be this lakeside cottage that features 3 bedrooms and a small backyard.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation in Bright

If you're looking for a peaceful community where you and your pup can enjoy the natural beauty, look no further than Bright. This quaint town is home to an extensive array of European trees that show off vibrant colours, especially during autumn. In fact, the Bright Autumn Festival is one of the most popular times of year to visit for people and dogs alike. No matter when you travel, you can enjoy relaxing walks by Morses Creek and through Mount Buffalo National Park. Pet-friendly accommodation in Bright tends to be fairly modest, though there are still spacious options available should you wish to bring your family along.