Find pet-friendly accommodation in Dunsborough and elsewhere in Western Australia

The largest state in Australia is Western Australia, and it's packed full of adventure that both you and your dog can enjoy. While many travellers focus on the eastern coast when they're thinking about going on holiday in Australia, the western edge not only offers plenty of adventure in its own right, but it's notably unique compared with the rest of the country. Fortunately, finding pet-friendly accommodation in Dunsborough and other WA areas is easy thanks to the sheer number of options available. As long as you can stand the summer heat, the region is suitable to visit all year long, so don't hesitate to bring your dog on an absolutely unforgettable adventure.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation in Dunsborough and other towns

If you're looking for a more laid-back experience on your Western Australia holiday, it might be best to book your stay in one of the local towns. They're always more relaxed than the bigger cities, and they have a notable charm that you can't find anywhere else. The towns may be smaller, but the average pet-friendly rentals in Dunsborough and other towns are generally bigger than their more urban counterparts. Not only does that mean more room to relax, but it also means your dog is more likely to have some outside space to explore.

Booking dog-friendly accommodation in Dunsborough

Near the southwestern tip of the state, you'll find the coastal town of Dunsborough. Not only does this town have beaches you and your pup can explore, but it's also home to a considerable number of wineries and breweries that are part of the Margaret River wine region. While this may not mean much to your pup, your pet is sure to appreciate the fact that many local beer gardens are pet-friendly. Some are even happy to give out treats to your furry friend. Finding dog-friendly accommodation in Dunsborough is easy as well. This 3-bedroom beachfront townhouse, for example, is pet-friendly and is just steps away from both the beach and a local park.

Finding Jurien Bay accommodation that's pet-friendly

Farther to the north, you'll find the town of Jurien Bay. The primary attractions here are the beaches where you and your pup can enjoy soft sands and clear blue waters. You can also venture out into the water with your pup in a boat for some fishing or just to explore. Additionally, you can enjoy several parks with extensive walking paths in the area, such as Nambung National Park and Stockyard Gully National Park. Finding Jurien Bay accommodation that's pet-friendly is easy, even if you want beachfront views. Local rentals not only put you steps from the beach, but they also tend to offer some yard area for both you and your dog to enjoy.

Booking pet-friendly rentals in Perth and other cities

While smaller towns can offer more than meets the eye, the cities of Western Australia contain more attractions and features than you'll be able to enjoy in a single holiday excursion. Booking one of the pet-friendly rentals in Perth or any of the other cities will grant you access to a wide variety of urban and coastal adventures that your dog is sure to enjoy. Fortunately, cities on Australia's west coast are just as pet-friendly as they are on the east coast.

Finding pet-friendly rentals in Perth

The capital city of Western Australia is Perth, and it's a popular destination for travellers from all over the country and beyond. When you're here, you and your dog can stroll through the Fremantle neighbourhood to see the historical architecture, or you can head to Kings Park and venture through over 400 hectares of protected grassland complete with a botanical garden. Wherever you decide to go in town, you won't have trouble finding pet-friendly rentals in Perth. Even the central-city apartments have pet-friendly options. Just remember that if you book a pet-friendly apartment, you should try to find one close to a park because your pup won't have any yard space to use.

Booking pet-friendly accommodation in Bunbury

Nearly 200 kilometres south of Perth, you'll find the city of Bunbury. This coastal city is one of the most populous in Western Australia with a wide variety of attractions on offer for travellers and their dogs. You can visit one of the local beaches or spend some time at a pet-friendly cafe. Your pup may even be able to get some treats from the staff. Bunbury is also close to the Ferguson Valley where you can find vibrant rolling hills populated by chic breweries and wineries that let you enjoy a drink after a relaxing stroll through the countryside with your pup.