The island of Fiji is an unforgettable tropical paradise that you and your family can enjoy on holiday. With a climate similar to that of Cairns, you'll find warm weather and sunshine along with inviting waters that make it easy to relax or find thrills depending on what your family is looking for. The key to getting the most out of your holiday trip is by planning your adventure ahead of time. You'll need to determine how you're going to get there as well as what you're going to do and where you're going to stay. Learn how to plan the ultimate Fiji holiday with kids, and discover how you can create an unforgettable family adventure.

Getting to Fiji

Before you can enjoy everything Fiji has to offer, you'll have to get here from Australia. Fortunately, Fiji is easy to get to from Australia's east coast, and chances are that's where you already live. While there are several options available when it comes to facilitating your travel, you'll likely want to fly here. Take a look at your travel options for getting to Fiji.

Flying to Fiji

When you're embarking on a Fiji family holiday, your best bet is to fly to Fiji. Fortunately, it's easy to find direct flights to the island, as 4 airlines offer them. Most direct flights come out of Sydney, and they only take about 4 hours, so it's a relatively short trip. You'll also find several direct flights out of Melbourne and Brisbane, though not as many as in Sydney. If you're coming from anywhere else in Australia, you'll likely have to take a connecting flight to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane first.

Best time to travel to Fiji

Getting your travel method sorted is just one piece of the puzzle, as you'll also need to consider when you plan your Fiji family holiday. If you're looking for warm weather, you don't have to worry about when you visit, as Fiji is fairly warm all year long. What matters most is how rainy the island is. If you're looking to avoid the rain, your best bet is to travel between April and October. November through March tends to be quite rainy, and those months even have a cyclone risk to consider. With that in mind, Australians tend to prefer Fiji as a winter destination. Additionally, you'll find that Fiji's activities and accommodation tend to be more costly during school holidays in Australia and New Zealand, so keep that in mind when booking.

Where to stay during Fiji holidays for families

Fiji is larger than you might think, so you'll need to consider which part of the island you want to book your family's stay in. Each area of Fiji offers something unique and different, and you'll want to book something that will keep your family happy and satisfied throughout their trip. Check out the various areas of Fiji, and discover which will fit your family's needs the best.

Book your stay in Denarau

If you're looking for convenience on a Fiji family holiday, Denarau may be one of the best options available. This lovely area is located just 20 minutes from the Nadi Airport, and it's home to quite a few luxury rentals your family can enjoy. Denarau is most well known for its port, where you can shop at a supermarket and various local shops as well as enjoy some delicious restaurants. You don't even really need a car to get around all that much once you're in Denarau, thanks to the Bula Bus circuit that extends around the area.

Explore the Coral Coast

On the southern coast of Fiji, you'll find the Coral Coast, one of the best destinations for family holidays on the island. It takes a bit more than an hour to arrive from the airport by car, but once you get there, you'll find yourself in a tropical paradise with plenty to do. Local beaches have soft sands and inviting waters, and Coral Coast family resorts in Fiji tend to be among the best on the island. Their isolated location can make them a bit more friendly to your budget.

Visit the Mamanuca Islands

When you book your stay on the Mamanuca Islands, you can enjoy an exceptional tropical island feel a short distance off of mainland Fiji. This portion of Fiji is a little over an hour away from the mainland by boat and features several isolated resorts known for their high-quality amenities. Even if you don't book one of the local resorts, you can enjoy pristine beaches that are well-maintained and offer visuals similar to what you'd find on a postcard. You'll find plenty of vibrant greenery here as well, which is particularly useful if your family is interested in nature walks. You can consider this area relatively untouched compared to the rest of Fiji.

Things to do during a Fiji family holiday

A major aspect of your Fiji family holiday is your itinerary, so you'll want to make the most of it. Fortunately, you won't have to look far to find fun things to do around the islands, so it's more a matter of what your family is interested in. You can relax, find thrilling adventures or do a bit of both, as all sorts of holiday experiences are available here. Take a look at some of the top experiences and activities available in Fiji that adults and kids alike can enjoy.

See animals and nature at Kula WILD Adventure Park

At Kula WILD Adventure Park, you and your family can explore a lush natural environment packed full of fascinating birds and reptiles. The boardwalks that take you through this area are easy to traverse, so even your little ones can take part in the adventure without issue. There are special encounter activities available here as well in which highly trained wildlife specialists can let your little ones get up close and personal with animals like snakes. It's all completely safe and sure to create an experience that your family isn't going to forget anytime soon.

Take a day trip to Savala Island

If you're looking for a more deserted tropical island experience compared to what you'll find around most of Fiji, you may want to take a day trip to Savala Island. This popular island features plenty of boats that can get you there after just a short ride, and you'll find endless adventures like snorkelling and kayaking. In the shallows, you may even find spots where you and your family can feed baby sharks. There's no minimum age requirement for this island, so you can bring the whole family with you no matter how young your little ones are. Keep in mind that arriving by boat is just one option. If you've got the budget for it, you can charter a helicopter to get you to the island.

See the vibrant flora in the Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Located in the Nausori Highlands, the Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a breathtaking collection of lush greenery and colourful flowers that all nature lovers are sure to enjoy. Even to the most doubtful of visitors, the sights here tend to be quite impressive. It's best known for its collection of orchids, but you'll also find a jungle walk experience that will take visitors past a tranquil lily pond and accompanying rainforest. It's about 15 or so minutes out from central Nadi, so it's easily accessible for visitors staying on the mainland in Fiji.

Find thrills with Adrenalin Fiji

Adrenalin Fiji is your source for water sports around the island. They provide a wide variety of activities you can enjoy with your family whether you're looking to go kayaking or sailing. You can even embark on a Jet Ski safari if you're feeling particularly adventurous. If you have older kids, you may be more interested in a diving excursion or a parasailing adventure. Whatever your water sports interests are, they've got you covered.

Find the right family accommodation in Fiji

If you want your holiday to be truly memorable, you'll need to find adequate family accommodation in Fiji. Given the popularity of this island among travellers from Australia, you'll find no shortage of options. While most think of Fiji as a luxury resort island, you'll find more accommodation styles than you might think, including those that specifically cater to travellers on a budget. Take a look at the top options for family accommodation in Fiji that have all the space and amenities you need.

Discover family resorts in Fiji

A family resort in Fiji is the primary accommodation type you'll find among the islands. These facilities are among the best available, offering luxury amenities and stunning service that makes it easier than ever to relax and find fun. An attentive staff can offer a variety of services including a kids' club that can keep your little ones entertained if you're looking to spend some time with just the adults in your family. These resorts also tend to have their own pools and even spa areas.

Find a house rental for your Fiji family holiday

When you book a house on your Fiji family holiday, you can expect a much more isolated experience without the hustle and bustle of a resort. This is perfect if you're looking to bond with your family during your trip. You won't often find service staff here, but you can still enjoy plenty of amenities like a full kitchen and oftentimes a pool. Houses are also common near the beach, so you may find yourself with your own private path to the water, though that's typically only available in more luxurious rentals.

Book a villa rental

Villas play a unique role among the accommodation options in Fiji. They're typically much larger than a house and occasionally have their own service staff, but they don't offer quite as many conveniences as a resort. For example, you may find yourself with breakfast prepared every morning, but you won't find a working spa. Still, you can often enjoy a hot tub with your villa stay along with a pool that the kids can splash around in. Just be wary that many of the local villas don't have the pool area fenced in, so make sure to keep an extra close watch on young kids who don't know how to swim yet.