Singapore is a gorgeous island city-state in maritime Southeast Asia with plenty of awe-inspiring sights to explore and uncover. This country is rich in beautiful, sandy beaches, sprawling jungles, culture and history and plenty of fun and exciting activities to engage in and locations to visit. From museums with interactive and immersive exhibitions to innovative safaris that combine zoo animals with rides, there are plenty of places to cool off and relax. Singapore is a worthwhile trip that you and your family won’t forget. However, to get the most out of your trip, you’ll want to make sure that you’re well-prepared with a robust itinerary.

Getting to Singapore

If you’re in Australia, getting to the island is relatively simple as there’s plenty of direct flights you can take. The total time for flights can vary, with the shortest being roughly 5 hours when you fly out of Perth, while a flight from Sydney can be closer to 8 hours. After touching down at Changi Airport, there are several ways to make your way to your first destination. If on your first night or day you’ll be staying in a hotel nearby, then you can ride the inexpensive airport shuttle. Otherwise, you’ll probably be looking at taxis and public transportation. To make getting around easier, you can purchase EZ-Link Card at most Passenger Service Centers at MRT stations, bus interchanges and 7-Eleven stores, and they can be used to pay for travel fares and for buying food and drinks from vending machines.

Family attractions to fill your Singapore itinerary

Embarking on a family holiday trip to Singapore, you’ll have no trouble picking out sights to fill up your itinerary. With a wide host of various places you can visit that’s sure to appeal to different age groups, you’ll want to make sure to incorporate a diverse list of things to do to get the most out of your trip.

Visiting the many theme parks at Sentosa Island

To maximize your kids’ chance of having a thrilling time, Sentosa Island is a great place to visit. Not only can you and your family cool off at the beautiful man-made beaches (the sand is imported from Malaysia), but there’s a wide variety of theme parks to visit with some big names like Universal Studios. The ultimate hub for family fun, parks such as the Adventure Cove Waterpark have all the amenities associated with your typical waterparks like fun slides and rides. Still, in addition to this, your child will also have a fun time snorkelling with 20,000 different tropical fish. Another park is Headrock VR which is an immersive experience where your kids can fight enemies, hang off buildings and even partner up with Robin Hood.

Exploring the sights at Pulau Ubin Island

Pulau Ubin Island is a great contrast to Sentosa Island as this less touristic place is not only more budget-friendly but is also a great way to connect your family with nature. The main attractions are the Chek Jawa Wetlands which features 6 different habitats that you can explore, such as the mangrove swamp and the ocean. If your kids are older, they can also climb the 20-metre high Jejawi Tower, rewarding them with panoramic coastal and jungle views. With a kampong (village) vibe, this place is also great for discovering nature and could also be an ideal spot to have a family picnic. To get around, you can either rent a pushbike, or taxis are readily available. If renting a taxi, you’ll want to download the Grab app, which will let you call a taxi within minutes.

Temples and food at Little India and Kampong Glam

Little India and Kampong Glam is another excellent way for your family to discover rich culture as well as filling their bellies with delicious food. You’ll be able to see the beautiful chaos of this crowded Little India as spice traders hustle and bustle to show off their inventory. With plenty of boutiques, Islamic shops, street food and restaurants to eat at as well as the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and The Sultan Mosque, your family are in for an immersive experience. This is the perfect place for food if your family loves spices, as places like The Tekka Centre and Lagnaa Barefoot Dining serve authentic and deliciously spicy food, such as fish curry and murtabak. Have a bite to eat, then walk around and check out some of the street art.

The river-themed park River Safari

River Safari is an attraction that’s part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore and is sure to be something your children will enjoy, especially if they have a soft spot for animals. What separates this attraction from other zoos and safaris is that it innovatively incorporates rides such as the boat ride Amazon River Quest that’ll allow your little ones to various Amazonian animals, both land and water. Featuring animals worldwide from 14 different zones, you can expect to see giant river otters, manatees, alligators, capybaras, beavers, giant salamanders, giant freshwater stingray, Mekong catfish and plenty of other interesting creatures.

Having dinner with orangutans at Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is another excellent place to visit if you have family members that are interested in animals. While you’ll be able to discover a wide list of animals when you visit, from tortoises, elephants, lions, fossas and African penguins, the main attraction of this zoo is its many primates. In particular, the zoo has an award-winning program that’ll allow you and your family to sit down for lunch or dinner while in the company of an orangutan family. Located in a gorgeous rainforest environment, this zoo is sure to appeal to kids of many different age types and spark their curiosity and creativity. Additionally, the zoo also offers regular shows that you can watch, such as an elephant presentation.

Watching animals at night at Night Safari

Night Safari is the last animal-themed attraction on this list. The main thrill of this interesting attraction is the fact that it’s an interactive experience that takes place at night. If your family are naturally gifted with being up at night or are brave enough to keep their eyes peeled, then they’ll be in for a treat of a lifetime. Your family will be able to go on a tram ride through 35 hectares and have the chance to see 100 species from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Some of the animals you will see are Malayan tigers, Asian elephants and lions, otters, civets, binturongs, capybaras and armadillos. Additionally, there are plenty of walking trails to take as well.

Exploring the beauty of Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a gorgeous attraction spread over 101 hectares that is like a mixture of a tree and plant museum along with a theme park that’s sure to impress even older members of the family. Here you’ll be able to witness the Flower Dome, which is the world’s largest greenhouse that also contains the world’s largest indoor waterfall. The first point of interest when you visit include The Supergrove Tree, which features 18 man-made trees with vertical gardens made of orchids, ferns and tropical flowers that light up at night. Other attractions are the Cloud Dome, a garden of lotus flowers completely made out of legos and a water play area. Combining a theme park with impressive architecture and “nature”, this unique and innovative attraction is a much-needed location to visit.

The biodiversity at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens is another great place to visit on a family holiday and is especially kid-friendly. An attraction is the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, which contains a space tailored to appeal to kids. The children’s garden has four different zones: farm, orchard, forest and streams and ponds, and it is a great opportunity to learn about biodiversity, the environment and gardening. Even for older members of the family, they’ll be able to enjoy and appreciate the botanic gardens’ calm beauty and is a great place to visit for when you want to catch a breather in between your many time extensive travels.

Accommodation for a family holiday

When you’re visiting the many wonderful sites and locations that Singapore has to offer, you’ll need to find a place for you and your family to rest for the night or even for a day or two outside your hectic schedule. Considering this, you’ll want to make sure that you find the right accommodation that makes the most sense for your family's needs and your overall budget. When you visit Singapore, there will be plenty of options for you to choose from. Whether you want more budget-friendly options, are looking to splurge on luxurious stays or are interested in achieving a proper middle ground, it’s important to carefully consider all your choices.

Singapore holiday rentals

Singapore holiday rentals can cover a wide range of various types of rentals. In addition to finding cheap apartments for rent, you can also rent houses to stay at as well which will often include useful and convenient amenities like swimming pools and WiFi. Especially if your family is on the bigger side, being able to stay at a house while on holiday can greatly enhance your overall experience as you’ll have more space versus an apartment or hotel. When renting a house, you can expect multiple bedrooms, a full working kitchen and sometimes even outdoor space. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly experience, then there’s also plenty of apartments and hotels as well with many of them within walking distance to crucial attractions and shops.