12 Things to Do for Kids in Singapore on a Family Holiday

Singapore is a beautiful island city-state in maritime Southeast Asia that, in addition to its wonderful, calming beaches, is also packed with plenty of fun and exciting sites and activities to engage in. Here you’ll be able to find a mixture of historical sites to visit as well as modern luxuries that are sure to keep you and your children entertained for the entire trip. From islands and beaches to national parks, botanical gardens, wonderful neighbourhoods filled with a wide variety of cultural experiences, museums and zoos, there’s plenty of new and exciting wonders that you can immerse yourself in when you visit.

Beautiful islands and beaches in Singapore to visit with kids

1. Exploring the man-made beaches at Sentosa Island

Perhaps more on the expensive side when it comes to places to visit, Sentosa Island is a great treat for your kids and can appeal to many age groups. Although the beaches here are man-made, you can expect to find some of Singapore’s nicest beaches here, and they're great to battle the heat and humidity on a warm day. The beautiful white sand is imported from nearby Malaysia. You and your family will be able to do all the typical beach activities from swimming, lounging in a quiet spot under the palm trees and swimming in the ocean. However, what separates Sentosa Island is the fact that it’s home to many resorts and attractions, including some big names like Universal Studios.

2. Splashing around at Pulau Ubin Island

For something that’s a little more budget-friendly, Pulau Ubin Island has you covered. This island is less of a tourist hotspot than the main hub of Singapore. When you travel here, you have the opportunity to experience a kampong (village) atmosphere. The most common way to travel is by pushbike. However, there are also plenty of taxi drivers to take you to where you need to go, and if you download the Grab app, you’ll find it easy to find a taxi within minutes. The first hotspots to visit in the area are the Chek Jawa Wetlands. This unique location has 6 distinct habitats to discover, which includes a mangrove swamp and an ocean. You can also climb the 20-metre high Jejawi Tower, which will give you and your kids stunning coastal and jungle views.

3. Having a picnic at St John’s Island

If you need a more calming experience in between your travel skirmishes, then you can take your kids to St. John’s Island. Filled with calming waters and white sandy beaches, this location is great for having a small picnic. You’ll be able to relax under one of the many coconut trees with an excellent spread of food and drinks and watch as your kids frolic about in the ocean. If you’re looking to spice things up even more, you can embark on a guided tour and learn more about the amazing biodiversity the island has to offer. Home to many cats roaming about, your little ones are sure to have the time of their lives as they make some new furry friends!

Numerous parks and zoos for animal lovers in Singapore to visit with kids

4. Hanging out with orangutans at Singapore Zoo

Especially if your youngsters are into primates, then you’ll want to visit Singapore Zoo. Located in a beautiful rainforest environment with over 26 hectares, the zoo is in charge of an award-winning program that allows you to enjoy a lovely dinner while in the company of a family of primates. Although primates such as monkeys and orangutans are the zoo's main attraction, other animals such as tortoises, elephants, lions, fossas, African penguins and more are all sights you can discover when you come to visit. If you come at the right time or book in advance, there are also plenty of shows that you can catch. This includes a splash safari show, an elephant presentation and a Rainforest Fight Back Show, showcasing the diversity of the rainforest by featuring 10 different species.

5. The river-themed wildlife waterpark, River Safari

For a more aquatic experience, you can take your kids to see River Safari. As part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, your young ones will have an enthralling time as they get up close and personal with creatures such as giant river otters, manatees, alligators, capybaras, beavers, giant salamanders, giant freshwater stingray and Mekong catfish. This innovative and interactive river-themed waterpark combines boat rides such as the Amazon River Quest with the unique ability to see a wide variety of different species, both land and water. With 14 zones featuring animals from the Amazon, the Mississippi River, Congo River, Lake Tanganyika and more, your kids are sure to have a blast and might even discover a new favourite animal in the process.

6. Seeing animals at night at the Night Safari

For an interactive animal experience that happens at night, you’ll want to make sure to visit Night Safari. Of course, one of the main attributes that separate this location from other safaris and zoos is that it’s an interactive experience at night and is the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park. If your kids are night owls, then you can bring them on a tram ride that rolls through the 35-hectare park. As you’re traversing through the park at night, your young ones will be able to gaze in awe at 100 species from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Some animals you can expect to see include Malayan tigers, Asian elephants and lions, otters, civets, binturongs, capybaras and armadillos.

7. Exploring the biodiversity in the Singapore Botanic Gardens

For something that might be a little calmer than going on a tram ride in a safari, you can also hop on over to Singapore Botanic . This spot is especially kid-friendly and even has the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, an entire space dedicated to kids. With many attractions, including a farm, orchard, forest, stream and ponds, your kids will have an amazing time traversing several nature trails, suspension bridges and climbing tree houses. The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden has four different zones for your kids to explore that are not only great fun and entertaining but are also outlets where they can learn about gardening and the area’s overall biodiversity.

Exploring the wonderful museums and parks of Singapore with kids

8. Exploring science at Singapore Discovery Centre

If you want to foster the scientific exploration of your kids, then Singapore Discovery Centre  is a great place to visit. This location is innovative because it has an art gallery, science museum and play area all rolled in one. The place hosts numerous events and exhibits that are sure to keep kids and adults entertained. Some of the activities include a Black Laser Battlefield where kids can run around having fun while playing a game of laser tag, to the XD Theatre, which is an immersive 4D simulator ride, to an escape room that comprises 13 rooms and 4-story chapters, to a permanent exhibit gallery where your kids can experience the past and present history of Singapore. With such a wide range of fun activities to explore, there’s plenty of attractions that are sure to appeal to many age groups, and the centre also includes school programs as well.

9. Thrilling adventures at Superpark

To give your children a truly immersive experience, visiting Superpark is a safe bet. Appropriate for children of all ages, this park features a wide roster of activities, including trampolines, zip wires, pedal-car racing, tube slide, climbing wall, skate park, football pitch and golf range that’s perfect for older children. Another unique feature of this park is its location in Suntec City Mall, meaning if you need to do some shopping for must-have souvenirs to take back home with you or everyday items to enhance your family holiday Superpark is an excellent place to visit. The park also features day camps as well as being able to be booked for parties making it a great spot if one of your kids has a birthday on the horizon.

10. Art meets science at Artscience Museum

The next entry is the enthralling Artscience Museum. The permanent exhibition, Future World: Where Art Meets Science, will capture your kids’ imagination. In this exhibition, there’s a hi-tech immersive installation that foster education and creativity for children in subjects such as science, nature and space. The architecture of the building itself is sure to strike awe in your children as it’s said to resemble a lotus flower and was designed by the artist Moshie Safdie. With a total of 21 gallery spaces that also feature regular exhibitions that have been curated by other museums, your kids’ imaginations will run wild as soon as you set foot in the museum.

11. Getting wet at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Located back on Sentosa Island, if you’re wanting to visit a waterpark in the area then Adventure Cove Waterpark is a prime choice. Your kids will have a blast enjoying the water slides, going drifting along the lazy river and going snorkelling with 20,000 tropical fish as well as gazing at the colourful coral reefs. For a more adventurous soul, they’ll be able to get close to stingrays and sharks as well. Perfect for a hot day to cool off, your kids will have a blast when they come to visit.

12. A virtual experience at Headrock VR

Also located on Sentosa Island, Headrock VR is a great interactive and immersive experience and is considered to be one of the biggest virtual reality theme parks in Southeast Asia. Your kids will surely have a thrilling time when they visit this theme park. Here they’ll be able to imagine themselves rafting amongst powerful rivers, fighting slews of enemies, hanging from the edge of high-rise buildings and going on a series of adventures which can feature hanging out with Robin Hood or fighting against zombies in Zombie Busters.